Let’s Play – Final Fantasy XIV – Part 41 – The Beauty And The Botany

Part 41 of my ‘Let’s Play’ gameplay and commentary in the MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, by Square Enix. In this episode we stay in the beautiful lush lands of Grid…
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  1. sambonz says:

    @emann537 at the moment we get to see it via the levequesting that we do,
    but when i’m a little stronger we’ll definitely be wandering off down some
    less-familiar paths =)

  2. shyra10000 says:

    Um… I’m sorry to bother you with a silly question but i started in Ul’Dah
    and went to the weavers guild to get the needle so i can be a weaver but
    they don’t sell one do you know where i can get one?

  3. sambonz says:

    @anthonee414 thanks, glad you enjoyed it! grats on getting XIII-2, i’d be
    keen on your feedback once you’ve played into it a bit =)

  4. TsuchiGamer06 says:

    Been looking at other LP’s for other games, i.e Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and i
    dont know if it’s just because u were one of my first, but your vids are
    MUCHHHH more enjoyable to watch. Also, it seems like you actually LIKE the
    games you play which is also a good addition, thx for the let’s plays!

  5. shyra10000 says:

    @sambonz thanks I found them and it has taken me one step further to my
    plans of what my character will be like.

  6. TruthAsWeAll KnowIt says:

    I love these videos thanks for posting them!

  7. PicomanGames says:

    @mrengulfeddirector The server Besaid is the unofficial RP server. It is
    merging with the server Fabul to make the new server of Balmung. So you
    would find a high concentration there. Yoshi-P has expressed interest in
    having an official RP server for 2.0.

  8. sambonz says:

    @sefton326 if you end up getting it be sure to add me to your friends list
    and say gidday if you see me online =)

  9. PinkPrincessLolita says:

    I really like your videos! I spent the evening watching them, and they are
    really pleasant to watch and listen to, good voice! Thanks! I really can’t
    wait to get this FF now lol

  10. Steph H says:

    Darn it Sambo! >.< The more I see of this game the more I want to play it! Patience may be a virtue but it's one I don't have a whole lot of. lol :)

  11. mrengulfeddirector says:

    quick question – what is the level of in-character RPing in this game? Do
    you think certain servers encourage it more than others? I ask because
    personally when I play this game I’ll certainly want to remain in character
    and explore with citizens of Eorzea, rather than players of FFXIV :P

  12. sambonz says:

    hrm the last i read it was Dec’12 or Jan’13 – i hope it hasn’t been pushed

  13. sambonz says:

    @Tenchinu thank you very much! that’s such a lovely compliment and i
    appreciate it very much =)

  14. sambonz says:

    @shyra10000 glad to hear it =)

  15. Kyle Sicotte says:

    So how do you feel about the upcoming server mergers Sambo?

  16. Alice Yurika says:

    Are you actually buy the full version of Fraps? because the trail version
    only can record 30 sec :(

  17. sambonz says:

    @GSM22 oh Greek? very kewl. i wasn’t aware of that.

  18. sambonz says:

    @75Jade97 that’s a great question – i initially had no plans but i’ve had a
    lot of requests recently. one of my viewers suggested i join an existing
    one, and i’ve got no problem forming my own, so there’s options. i was kind
    of waiting for the merges to happen tho. i’ll keep you posted =)

  19. FilekPlays says:

    Omg, I just wanted to go to sleep, so this will be my todays video before
    sleep. Thanks for another video Sambo :)

  20. sambonz says:

    @FilekPlays you’re very welcome =)

  21. sambonz says:

    ahah good! it’s an amazing game =)

  22. sambonz says:

    @PicomanGames ooh of course – what better place to get the tool than the
    guild hall for the profession (silly moi!). yah it’s been a while since
    i’ve taken a good look at the ‘gathering’ professions so please forgive my
    indiscretions. thanks for the great info as always =)

  23. sambonz says:

    thanks! glad you’re enjoying them =)

  24. sambonz says:

    all character data up to a specific date in v1.0 is preserved and carried
    over to ARR =)

  25. Ansony Banescale says:

    yeah! that music is a classic theme in final fantasy series! When i joke
    with my sister and finish any work i always think in that theme! hehehe..
    thanks for the episode sambonz!! :)

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