LS2B – Cycles of Matter and Energy Transfer

Lice Science Disciplinary Core Idea 2B: Cycles of Matter and Energy Transfer In this video Paul Andersen explains how matter moves from the environment into …
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  1. Kirk Bushman says:

    Wow thanks for helping me graduate from college Paul your the best

  2. Abdulrahman Mhena says:

    I have to tell u that me and all of my school mates are basically depending
    on your videos as a main resource. Your work is always useful and important
    for someone, sir, GO ON!

  3. romulussss1 says:

    Can you make a video about “The Exocrine system”?

  4. Rudy Boom says:

    Mr. Anderson: …and I hope that was helpful. Biology student: yes, yes it
    was. Thank you Mr. Anderson!

  5. John Dinoso says:

    Your videos are really helpful when it comes to revising^^ its close enough
    to U.K’s a level biology syllabus;)

  6. bannana says:

    U hold together our school You really have like 10 times more real veiw
    counting all classmates

  7. John Oliver says:

    The study of cycles in nature is my favorite subjects of all options. Here
    is an elegant overview in a concentrated and engaging way. He explains what
    students are ready for at several levels. This is one of a series and all
    of them are like this. Each one is worthy of more research, writing
    assignments and lively conversations.

  8. Bozeman Science says:

    I use Keynote to prepare the presentation and Screenflow to do the
    recording. If you google educational screencasting you should find a video
    walkthrough I created that shows my method.

  9. Baracheta says:

    Great information! What software do you use for these presentations? In
    your clip about Matter you also used a pen..thanks in advance! :)

  10. Allen Maxson says:

    You are so much better than my teacher.

  11. Narain Sahu says:

    Great tutoring.

  12. Heather Doering says:

    I really love all your videos, and I wanted to have my middle school
    students watch this for homework, but you went into more depth than I
    wanted. I cut together a shorter version of this video and was wondering if
    I could post it so I could share it with them, fully citing you?

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