Mariel Martin “Don’t Waste Your Life” Choreography

It’s been awhile, but I’ve been in search of some hip-hop whose lyrics I believe in and I could stand behind. The artist is Christian rapper Lecrae. Check ou…
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  1. lgbuzon says:

    oooooo fasssst beast!

  2. Mike J says:

    What’s name this track??????

  3. nafee28 says:

    <3 <3 <3 that's just sooogreat! :D

  4. kumchel says:


  5. Dara Uy says:

    @0Mosh It’s not “too bad its Christian”. Dance is a form of getting a
    message or feelings across and that’s what Marie did. Hey I’m not Christian
    but I believe in what she, Keone, and other dancers are doing. I don’t
    necessarily have to convert to Christianity to enjoy the beauty of her
    expressing her love for her religious belief. I’m sure you don’t mean
    anything by what you said but keep an open mind because prejudice stems
    from ignorance.

  6. Septagrus says:

    Whoa! YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! Oh man, if u God’s child, u blessed wit talent.
    Dancin’ in God’s presence like David. Excellent!!!

  7. DANdnc2xs says:

    haaaaaaaa is sick …….¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ wowowowo

  8. rosanna22 says:


  9. ww4him says:

    Great steps! Great worship! :)

  10. jyung864 says:

    great song n man ive always wished i could dance like tht great job tho man
    keep it up great song choice too

  11. whippedcreamroses says:

    You are so inspirational. Haha, I teared up when I read the description.
    What an amazing dancer you are. And so lucky to choreograph for 2NE1.

  12. Anat Dayag says:


  13. Amanda DeLeon says:

    Amazing!!!! Thanks for showing us how to honor God through dancing!

  14. Debbie Wong says:

    I’m so glad i’m not the only one who’s been looking for hip hop songs which
    have lyrics that aren’t vulgar and aren’t agaisnt christian principles!!
    seriously, such a struggle to dance when u can’t help but notice all the
    lyrics in a particular song which u don’t agree with God has blessed u with
    so much talent!!!! :) I wish i could dance like u one day

  15. lInsanityl says:

    @Samantha27Louis Wow you are really dumb. -.- Do you even know what a meant
    by “that was tight?” -.- probably not because i meant that no beats were
    missed and it was all on time please understand a comment before replying
    to it next time -.-

  16. Candra Mixstep says:

    love you mariiiiii…..

  17. XenosbioZ says:

    hayyyyyyyyyyy Jeremy Lin listens to this!!!!

  18. zekeshepherd says:

    you are so cool. treat her right, Keone

  19. xxTAHIANJINGxx says:

    u can actually perform this at a church mari

  20. JayFunkY says:

    i know it was probably difficult to step back into your hiphop shoes, but
    damn it’s like you never left haha =]

  21. emceeRANTSOM says:

    I didn’t think you could do a song with this many quick-passed drum kicks
    like at 0:24, but DANG you proved me wrong! Well done!

  22. Hana Sopoaga says:

    Bro this is meeean! been looking for christian swaaag and i finally found
    it. :DDD

  23. thecount2amillion says:

    greeattt !!!

  24. MihXIII says:

    WOW… Amazing ^^

  25. Kelvin Small-Bull says:


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