Meg the Gyr x Saker Falcon Hybrid!

Watch Meg take in her surroundings on the SUNY-ESF/Syracuse University Quad during Jen and I’s talk to the Wildlife Society! It was fun to see her tracking a…


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  1. TheSebassable says:


  2. Vitali Raikov says:


  3. Cosmo Guerini says:

    Unidan the Fucking Man! :D

  4. ADxRoyalty says:

    The feather condition is terrible!

  5. serphentarius says:

    Meg is such a pretty falcon :)

  6. Chccy says:


  7. CtrlDae says:

    Wow, what a beautiful creature. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Brett Schwartz says:

    What a beautiful bird. It sure likes to blink!

  9. Travis Howard says:

    Amazing, it looks so intelligent and fearless! Thanks for sharing this
    video. That sure is a beautiful bird.

  10. PiTaBoI94 says:

    What song is this?

  11. DongSquad420 says:

    I love the music in your videos =)

  12. The Ecology says:

    She was moulting!

  13. ballsnotballs says:

    Look! it’s the guy excited about biology! I love that guy!

  14. Captain Garlock says:

    I love you, Unidan

  15. huswsimonbla says:

    I guess you like Frederick the third?

  16. laclaude1234 says:

    I can’t help feeling that every time I see a falcon or eagle for that
    matter, they look like they’re angry with me.. It’s those got damn cartoon

  17. The Ecology says:

    Get out.

  18. The Ecology says:


  19. Katie Robertson says:

    I need to do a compare and contrast activity with my students using birds
    of prey and my bearded dragon. I bet there are more similarities than they
    would think! The way Meg bobs her head especially reminds me of a lizard.

  20. JokermanXYZ says:

    She’s just constantly like. Hey! Look at that! Whoa! What’s that!?! Look
    over at that! Something moved! You’ve grabbed my attention!

  21. Hushoo says:

    Shut up Meg (I’m so sorry)

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