Menards ordered to pay fine for illegal waste disposal at

Menard, Inc. has been ordered to pay thousands of dollars in fines for allegedly disposing hazardous waste illegally on the company’s store property in Onala…
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  1. wolfattack402000 says:

    Ok, know it all soggybottomboy. I know how the water distribution works and
    potable water is not drawn from the parking lot. Unless you have a shallow
    well near that parking lot, it is not your drinking water. Second, we have
    3 Menards in the Toledo area and I have yet to hear that Menards dumps
    hazardous waste “all the time”. In fact, it has NOT happened here. Keep up
    with the liberal media, Liberal, and you will continue to go nowhere!

  2. wolfattack402000 says:

    Are you a socialist idiot? I don’t care for Menards, however, I really
    really hate moron idiots like you who support gov’t intrusions into my
    fucking wallet! 30k fine for what? A little bit of NOTHING deamed as
    “hazardous waste” found in a parking lot? Big Fucking Deal! Here we go, the
    Gov’t finding ways to penalize anyone to generate their asswipe oversized
    gov’t. Now…WAKE UP REAL AMERICA!!

  3. wolfattack402000 says:

    It is obvious you either work for the Gov’t in some meaningless fashion and
    / or you are a liberal. I find it disturbing that you believe that those
    who do not go along with the institution should be, themselves,
    institutionalized. Hmmm, what sick regime has done this very sort of thing
    in the past? I can remind you that if Nazi Germany is what you idolize,
    then YOU are the one with the sickness. Fighting against your regime is an
    honor I will always treasure.

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