Michael McIntyre describes his children’s bedtime

In the fifth of his recent BBC series of standup variety shows Michael McIntyre warms up the audience with a brilliant routine about how only threats get chi…


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  1. TheHalbain says:

    I genuinely looked up his bedtime story and laughed my arse off?

  2. Biscuit BOSS says:

    like if you searched for michaels cbeebies bedtime story lmao

  3. The Hobbit Broney says:

    “If you don’t go to bed I will personally kill you!” I don’t have kids but
    I’ve had enough younger siblings and cousins to find that hilarious! XD

  4. Kirsty Rickett says:

    Looked on youtube for him reading: li see what he means

  5. nerfproplayer says:

    thanks for the update

  6. Adam Branca says:


  7. Norhayati Mohamed Sani says:

    Luv this guy..he is hilarious…?

  8. zareena begum says:

    He’s good but I reckon Peter Kay is the best, then him, then Alan Carr.

  9. Ash Strange says:

    He is funny, like alot of comedians because it’s so true and we can all
    relate to it… do you remember the man drawer??

  10. Zacho789 says:

    Two words. Benjamin Buttons.

  11. reincarnatedman says:

    Job done!

  12. Em Cheeselover says:

    Lol!!!! My favourite comedian!!!!!!!!!

  13. cody mcgurk says:


  14. reincarnatedman says:

    It’s a good machine. A proper computer …

  15. Lloyd Franklin says:

    Watching this again makes me laugh as this was my sister at 7pm tonight
    with her 2 year old girl.

  16. sanel kartal says:

    im only 12 and im cracking up laughing

  17. Sarimanok says:

    In Childrens’ defense… At night, parents tell their kids to go to
    sleep… but in the morning they tell them to wake up! I mean come on! Make
    up your minds!!

  18. James Corcoran says:


  19. Zacho789 says:

    read the description

  20. Laura Houston says:

    he’s so funny it’s un-real. I wish I could go to one of his shows :(

  21. 7stephAnie71 says:

    Can you not interrupt Mr. Penguin?!

  22. Furry Bear says:

    lol i kept checking my fan lol, even after id read the annotation

  23. Kristine Maitland says:

    Michael should get Samuel L. Jackson to read to his kids. “Go the f*&^ to

  24. Peter Morrison says:

    LOL SO COOL!!!!!!!!!

  25. Green Clover says:

    I love the way he says, ‘And you will die’!

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