Michael Pollan: “Cannabis, The Importance of Forgetting, and the Botany of Desire”

Michael Pollan presented his lecture as the 2002-2003 Avenali Chair in the Humanities at the Townsend Center for the Humanities, UC Berkeley. Pollan is the a…
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  1. OneLove Massive Collaboration says:

    Like Michael Pollan & Cannabis? Watch his Berkeley
    presentation…#Marijuana #Cannabis #Weed #Pot #?

  2. Rebecca Brannon says:

    In Gen 1:29 we are given every green thing. :)

  3. ravvraj says:

    If you say yes as a teen and you manage to come out of it, then you will
    always say NO as along as you die. LMAO

  4. ShTiCkY???( ` __ ´ )???iS iCkY says:

    Interesting talk! Thanks a bunch for uploading. And btw; was I the only one
    who thought it was kind of funny that his surname was “Pollan”? Sounds like
    “pollen” when you pronounciate it. :D Mr plant man!

  5. Denise Vautrin says:

    I AM °¤§`¿?{][}°¤§ 4 20?

  6. Jane Rakali says:

    Started out listening to this guy talking about food and nutritionism…
    Now it’s about plants. Interesting character.?

  7. MrMudMuffin89 says:

    Really interesting, great talk

  8. AngeliqueEU says:

    My plants grow faster than he speaks ; ) See Sensi Seeds At 4:45 he starts
    go on

  9. RavenMad101 says:

    Wow last answer nailed it on the head. Great improv Polan!

  10. atrios28 says:

    When it comes to Cannabis the wisdom of my great grandfather still holds:
    Young people need to say “no”, Adults need to say “yes”

  11. jo seph says:

    who thinks this guy is a Mckenna fan?

  12. AngeliqueEU says:

    Wish he come to the point more fast ….. …. …. first 3 minutes now and
    I am wondering will I go on and watch this???

  13. SheldoCurtiss says:

    This is awesome!

  14. Joseph Rinaldi says:

    At pprox 0:30:00 I say It wasn’t just the musicians using pot. What Pollan
    is saying I think is more attributed to the listeners using pot beforehand
    and then more accepting acid-rock or jazz. Pot use is very limited for
    performing of musical improvisation, it will throw ones timing off. The
    performance of music, good music, is a very disciplined process.

  15. RavenMad101 says:

    “Not only do I think Marijuana should be legal, it should be
    mandatory!”-Bill Hicks

  16. Stayoffhereable says:

    well actually, the bible does talk about an herb where we can smoke,
    somewhere in psalms, i believe. Look, its not that God wants you to smoke
    something you are going to abuse, or get something that is illegal. What
    God really wants for you is to become Born Again and repent of your sins.
    This is the only way to Heaven, for nothing else can save you.

  17. obbefromtotse says:

    Very interesting.

  18. Caniid says:

    the answers at the end are actually pretty good points to think about

  19. Riley Lund says:

    I love Michael Pollen and his abstract views and how ordinary things can
    look so advanced

  20. TheyCalledMeGator says:

    Great lecture, seems like these views haven’t caught on in the last decade.
    Also, damn Pollan that shirt is gigantic.

  21. kombi52 says:

    This man is a genius

  22. AngeliqueEU says:

    Kicked out form Youtube … try again later???? )-

  23. bootiedigger says:

    I like this guy.

  24. Kyle Kelly says:

    smoke some weed and chill and watch and learn

  25. ofthebloodywaters zamiel says:

    lol 1:05:23 – a drop of water!

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