Miguel – How Many Drinks? (Remix) ft. Kendrick Lamar

Check out Miguel’s #ArtDealerChic videos here: http://www.youtube.com/artdealerchic Music video by Miguel feat. Kendrick Lamar performing How Many Drinks?. (…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. LighteningXT9 says:

    shit I thought that was Lil Wayne rapping. Kendrick is always doing

  2. Mzshondagirl says:

    This is my sheez?

  3. Vero Nica says:

    Enjoying some good ol music on my lunch break ….. “can you hear me
    singing “?

  4. duckyzzz says:

    Has this dude drop kicked anyone lately? =]?

  5. Tyler Hills says:

    I wouldn’t mind havin a drink wit him lol :)?

  6. Julius Johnson says:

    Definitely the best song on the album hands down.?

  7. Makayla Cox says:

    Lol I Can’t Stop Looking At Miguel Lips -____________-?

  8. Justin Jackson says:

    Every time I listen to this it feels like I’m listening to the breakfast
    club in the morning:)?

  9. Alvarez Pearl says:

    I miss you bbe?

  10. Priscilla Martinez says:

    This is my song!?

  11. saz19s8 says:

    Whats a kendrick lamar verse on this particular song without a swimming
    pools reference. He just had to. Love the whole song. Miguel is a great

  12. frisk onnline says:

    Miguel showing his Latin stilo ?

  13. Janel Robinson says:

    i love Miguel!!!!!!!!!?

  14. Amy Nelson says:

    Love this song! ?

  15. Carmen Fernandez says:

    good song!!!!?

  16. brenda johnson says:

    I’m an older CHIC and I LOVE this song!!!?

  17. Henry Mingle says:

    good shit?

  18. Arcadio Flores says:


  19. Simone Bridget says:

    40, but I kinda a like this. Just heard for the first time. Nice, damn.?

  20. Davion Renslow says:

    I aint never blamed it on the gusse…and my pussy ainy loose!!?

  21. ALANA JOE says:

    I love Miguel?

  22. Dana Lyons says:

    DaNaKaNe It’s gonna take gallons of drank?

  23. Tonya Andrews says:

    Man i love Miguel!!!!?

  24. slugzzie slug says:

    My Init How Many ????

  25. cashe biles says:

    I like this song.?

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