Minilogue – The Girl From Botany Bay (Original), Techno, Minimal

Artist: Minilogue Title: The Girl From Botany Bay Label: WIR Germany Cat: WIR 001 Released: 22 December, 2006 Genre: Minimal/Tech House Minilogue – INFO http…


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  1. gez varley says:

    cool track..

  2. Matthias Krell says:


  3. DepartmentMinimal says:

    i love it!!

  4. lebannerfan65 says:

    Leaving you behind (without knowing where to go). What a track…. 5.25 =
    top of the world

  5. galaxion500 says:

    amazing, can’t believe there’s no comments.

  6. Sergei Manakov says:

    Works at the brain stem level. Yes it does.

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