MITx: Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge and Consciousness: 24.00 About Video

Focus on the Big Questions. You can register for Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge, and Consciousness, as well as other edX Courses at http://edx.or…
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  1. Bombtrack411 says:

    Epistemology is one hell of a drug.


    Without any doubt this course is obsolete.

  3. Pax Romana says:

    Why is people not believing in magic sad to you?

  4. GARY Damon says:

    I don’t see this sad at all, what I see sad is the unbeleivers about God!

  5. Pax Romana says:

    Except, we’ve known (that is, nontheists) that time comes to an end at the
    singularity, thus there is no infinite regression. We don’t live in the
    times of Aristotle anymore.

  6. menfinnar says:

    I’m waiting eagerly as well…

  7. usuario1234 says:

    Ok, the questions are very interesting, and what I expect from this course
    is to gain some enlightenment about our ancestors ideas and thoughts. That
    is well explain in the video, but…Why is that girl saying how awesome is
    the professor? Really?

  8. Pax Romana says:

    It’s pretty sad that we’re still talking about ‘God’ (whatever what is) in
    the 21st century, but I’m excited about the rest of the course.

  9. fields of rice says:

    If you could cut off that ‘elevating’ background music, I can focus on what
    you are saying.

  10. Marie Bent says:

    I signed up and now quite excited at the prospect of this course.!

  11. Archimedes Bayquen says:

    I have understood hundred percent of what is said. In fact, the song has
    some beneficial effect in calming my anxiety down to a certain degree.

  12. andreamoboe says:

    Sounds really good. I will definitely sign up.

  13. Ahmed Medhat says:

    Really looking forward for the course, and for even more Philosophy courses

  14. Austin Newsam says:

    Yep, I signed up.

  15. Margaret Ernenwein says:

    I signed up but don’t have any info on reading materials schedule etc

  16. fields of rice says:

    lol, thats why your name is Archimedes…eureka!

  17. ? ?? says:

    The teacher’s accent is highly enchanting. I love it so much.

  18. Avascarz says:

    Agh, so awesome.

  19. Jim Whitman says:

    Just registered. Philosophy is always exciting.

  20. Martin Teshale says:

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    send me an attachment of it via my email:teshale2006@yahoo.com or
    gebitajara@gmail.com With best regards; Teshale

  21. someman7 says:

    Maybe that’s because what century you live in has nothing to do with the
    problem of infinite regression.

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