Monitor environmental and social change using IPhones, Photo-stitching, and Time Lapse

On the ground impacts of Global Climate change, sea level rise, changes to our forests and landscapes, development, all can be measured with precise scientif…
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  1. Izzy Hill says:

    This is an amazing idea with so many possible applications. I’m excited to
    see where this goes–great work!

  2. rollon2010 says:

    Pretty cool idea though not able to deliver the depth of a robust
    environmental assessment. Still, it would increase monitoring capacity and
    get the public involved in conservation on the ground.

  3. Sam Droege says:

    In general there is no money and often no interest in government groups in
    setting up new monitoring programs, thus the need to try and get
    measurements of change that may be coarse but statistically and
    scientifically valid

  4. Sam Droege says:

    Historical Photos: As long as historical photos (particularly those where
    the views are distant) are roughly the same vantage point…there is no
    reason that digitized copies of these photos can’t be rectified using these

  5. Anne Zander says:

    what a great concept and so imaginative….will wonders never cease

  6. Sam Droege says:

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