Montage: 11 NMU Students, Grads Ticked-Off: Tragic Timber Wolf Hunt, Keep Michigan Wolves Protected

An all-day petition drive with numerous NMU student organizations is planned for March 20, 2013. Organizers hope to have Michigan Secretary of State reps on …


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  1. iliveoutside says:

    Lets celebrate your loss by killing a few more wolves!?

  2. Victoria Frailing says:

    I agree, They shouldn’t kill the wolves.

  3. E Halverson says:

    Niikaanisinaan igiw ma’iingan. The wolves are our brothers. They are
    harmless being harmed. It is a shame. We will do it!

  4. EarthKeepersII says:

    We agree but now our Republican governor (who doesn’t want the DNR to be
    involved in biodiversity) – is determined to sell wolf hunting liscences.
    Gov Snyder has demanded the MI Natural Resources Commission usurp the
    successful and legal statewide petition drive to save the wolves and that
    demands a public vote in a referendum)> He is demanding the Natural
    resources Commission allow wolf hunting without public input – so the lives
    of our fewer than 700 wolves are in jeopardy.

  5. EarthKeepersII says:

    Thank you EyaKweable

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