My Choice 532 – Pascal: Bound for Botany Bay

Bound for Botany Bay is a song from the musical burlesque, Little Jack Sheppard, a comedy staged in London, England in 1885 and Melbourne, Australia in 1886….
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  1. plusplusplusplusp says:

    Love that tune. Sometimes I find myself humming it for no particular reason.

  2. malpen04 says:

    @Pilarfay Truly amazing how they illuminate their beautiful Opera House.
    Thanks Pilar and glad you enjoyed it.

  3. malpen04 says:

    @gav1950 We knew you’d like it, Aussie man :)) thanks.

  4. Pilarfay says:

    ¡Muy buena canción! y estupendas fotografías.Me gusta escuchar los videos
    varias veces, para leer las explicaciones y para ver el video ***** Saludos
    y buen fin de semana Pilar

  5. malpen04 says:

    @plusplusplusplusp It is a beautiful tune. I always have some tune in my
    head, day an night :)) Thanks for your kind comment and please explore our

  6. lucakiss70 says:

    @plusplusplusplusp It’s in our blood and Dna :))

  7. malpen04 says:

    @orbitpowder Hope they are tears of joy not sadness. Thanks and regards.

  8. mychoicealfred4 says:

    @vevejay I don’t know the details of the story behind this song. I found it
    beautiful and put it up.

  9. malpen04 says:

    @Gaetanomif Aussie, Aussie, oy, oy, oy.

  10. ruby j says:

    These are not the original lyrics for this music apart from the chorus.We
    sang something quite different back in the 60s which mentioned all the main
    prisons in Britain

  11. malpen04 says:

    @jasmine7201 Thanks Jasmine. Yes, the Opera House is beautiful and when
    it’s illuminated, it’s fantastic.

  12. actionau says:

    Beautiful pics of the Opera house….I was there last December but lost the
    pics with my mobile phone….*sigh*

  13. malpen04 says:

    @97641282 It’s truly beautiful the way they illuminate it. Thanks John.

  14. John Demi says:

    This is great Alfred , just came back from the city ,had a look at these
    lights.They even lit up St Mary’s Cathedral and some other buildings.

  15. gaetano mifsud says:

    Very nice one guys, close to home Jane.

  16. mychoicealfred5 says:

    @actionau Losing photos of a trip is upsetting but hope you’ll visit the
    beautiful Sydney Opera House again. Thanks for your comment

  17. jasmine7201 says:

    I like this song and the Opera house is very beautiful. Thanks Alfred for

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