My commercial for Environmental Science 2012 – Dr. Zinebi

With this commercial I wanted to show the viewer to reflect on the extreme dichotomies of this world. Wealth and Waste. Using images as a stream of thought, …


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  1. primohomme says:

    Thank you! I disabled ratings because I got some ignorant person coming to
    try to argue that evolution is not real and the earth is only 6000 years
    old and things like that…And since this video is about science, well, I
    prefer it be evaluated only by those who understand that.

  2. kaiyno says:

    Definitely :]

  3. primohomme says:

    Thank you so much! It is appreciated :)


    I postplowed this video to 0:00 hours of Brazil, in the Blog of a Site
    which it reaches around 70.000 visualizations day. So, it will be in the
    top of the page of the specific section of Videos of the Day, and the
    visitors along the day will be able to assist it. It is my contribution.

  5. kaiyno says:

    I see. The problem with those ignorants is that they think the Bible says
    that Earth was created about 6,000 years ago, which is wrong cause the
    Bible never mentions anything on the formation of Earth or the Solar
    System, not even how many years ago that happened, it’s absurd since at
    that time a year like we know it didn’t even exist, there was absolutely no
    measuring system for time. Hope those people really get the clue that God
    also created science for us to understand this natural universe.

  6. primohomme says:

    Yes, absolutely. But many people hold a very archaic way of thinking, and
    that’s one of the reasons of the problem, because they think that the bible
    pretty much authorizes them to use and abuse the natural resources.

  7. kaiyno says:

    Loved it, but couldn’t like. Wonder why you disabled the ratings for this
    great video.

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