Nitrogen & Phosphorus Cycles: Always Recycle! Part 2 – Crash Course Ecology #9

Hank describes the desperate need many organisms have for nutrients (specifically nitrogen and phosphorus) and how they go about getting them via the nitroge…
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  1. Zara Lee says:

    thanks a lot (: I often prefer watching your videos than reading the
    textbook because you do a better job at explaining ?

  2. k0b3three says:

    You talked about Haber in you Chemistry series, right??

  3. alligrim says:

    Your videos have always been awesome, but now they’re also getting me an A
    in Honors Biology! Thanks, Hank! :)?

  4. Siddhesh Dabholkar says:


  5. James McNamee says:

    So do plants use ammonia at all, or does it have to react with water first?
    Or is the reaction with water unavoidable anyway?

  6. James McNamee says:

    excellent vids btw

  7. Felixir Jones says:

    thanks Hank, once again you’ve saved my project (and also aided my
    procrastination level xD) your videos are so concise, and yet mange to
    effectively condense a month of teachings into a few minutes.

  8. chulo41297 says:

    This is better than reading the school book. Thanks!

  9. Rachel McLaren says:

    Thanks brah!

  10. Livi Charette says:

    this channel does exactly what it says crash course. Saving me from staying
    up all night studying the phosphorus cycle

  11. codextraordinary says:

    it does.

  12. codextraordinary says:

    Yes, free APES review!

  13. Joelle Randall says:

    Hank I love you so much! I have a hard case of nerdfighteria and now your
    helping me pass biology…thank you!

  14. ?? ?? says:

    Who’s Meghan Kale????

  15. CeeBeezy760 says:

    This guy is God. xD

  16. timeorspace says:

    Thank you! This summary is very powerful, and saved me an hour of textbook
    reading. I appreciate the enthusiastic and tasteful real world applications
    of this theory.

  17. Onesockanda Song says:

    So who’s Meghan Kale?

  18. Daniel Adeyinka says:

    thank you so much. counting on this to help me with my ap bio exam. Plus
    i’m sure this will help later in apes

  19. Nicolas Witzke says:

    You sound a lot like captainsparklez… Great video though, really helpful.

  20. Joel Hough says:

    Yes slower please.

  21. bobby theman says:


  22. Rachel Urick says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:?

  23. Carlos Portela says:

    science ecology biology phosphorus cycles nitrogen?

  24. Flaghat says:

    nitrogen cycle 4 evah

  25. pigsnoutman says:

    He groups them into detrotropes, which were constantly mentioned.

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