Noel McLoughlin – The Shores Of Botany Bay

One of favorite songs to of all time. Looked all around the internet for this version and couldn’t find it, so I uploaded it myself! Enjoy! also LYRICS! Chor…


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  1. SimonMagus79 says:

    Pi?kne :)?

  2. kaz1967kh says:

    What a? song loved this since I was a kid

  3. fidellah67 says:

    more? commonly used by navigators and sailors. I think the song may have been written in the 1960s but takes place in the late 1890s. Alot of Irish and Australians working as navvies for the English building canals and the like.

  4. W00dledude says:

    (cont.) I think it would mainly be decided, then, by which was more common to be used in a song, which, according? to you, does seem to be “quay”. It’s interesting, too, that that would be a common word in Celtic/Australian slang, seeing as it represents a concrete dock of sorts. But then again, I’m not sure what timeframe the song was written in, or at least the advancement of technology within it. Or rather… I’m sorry, what point was I trying to make? XD

  5. W00dledude says:

    Yeah, at that part he says, “While on my way down to the key, where the ship at anchor lay”, which is somewhat ambiguous, because the “at” modifies “anchor” (or “ship”, I can’t quite tell), rather than “lay”, and it does very much sound like “key”. The rest of the time, on the other hand, he does say AT the quay/key. However, I think something could be considered “at” a key if one was treating it like a place, as opposed to a body of water in? which the ship would, indeed, lay IN. (cont.)

  6. fidellah67 says:

    Quay is just a much more common word in the Celtic/Australian slang.Also in the lyrics he states ” the good ship raggamuffin is lying AT the quay” like at the dock,landing,loading bay etc. A ship lays AT a quay and IN a key. Although you might be right? too, listen @ 0:23…. Im pretty sure he says KEY there?????

  7. W00dledude says:

    Really? I mean, given the definitions, it could be either. Do you know that because you’re? Irish, or you found the song lyrics somewhere? Not to be condescending, of course, I’m just curious.

  8. fidellah67 says:

    nope.Its quay?

  9. C. R. Messen says:

    I don’t know the artist, but here is the playlist i have from the album? (in alphabetic order): AragonMill,BotanyBay,Carrickfergus,CliffsOfDoneen,FarewellToTheRhondda,FiddlersGreen,GoldenBird,HillsOfConnemara,LordOfTheDance,SheMoveThroughTheFair,SpancilHill,TheStarOfTheCountyDown,TheTownILovedSoWell,TheTrevellingPeople,WildRover. I tried to look on that basis, but i failed :(

  10. amazingonion says:

    Sadly I only have this song. As? the video says, I don’t even know the artist.

  11. C. R. Messen says:

    Do you have the album or just this song? I have the album on a really old tdk cassette. Terrible quality,? sadly to say :( His version of The Cliffs Of Doneen is really touching

  12. amazingonion says:

    Oh okay. I wasn’t sure if it was key or quay. and? l knew about the lies part but l guess l misspelled it as l cut and pasted the chorus.

    Many thanks.

  13. W00dledude says:

    You know it’s “key” and not “quay”, right? It’s just sung with an Irish accent. Also, “lies”, not? lives”. But thanks for uploading this, I love this version. :D

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