Oderless pig pen Phangnga, Thailand

The oderless hog pen is made by digging a pit of one meter in depth and filling it with waste rice hulls or sawdust mixed with soil. The pigs are raised on t…
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  1. Jean Weaver says:

    Farm Smart idea! Dig a pit one meter deep and fill it with saw dust mixed
    with soil. ?

  2. illchico says:

    how often you change the compost bed ?

  3. h6hfelie says:

    They look so happy!

  4. askikr79 says:

    amazing how the usa gets it totally wrong. im from texas by the way.

  5. Markku Hellsten says:

    This is good!

  6. Liozeris says:

    Perfect pen for small scale confined production.

  7. OperaGhostess says:

    @illchico Read the description. :)

  8. o10ciano says:

    awesome. f@^^ MONSANTO you cannot patent the pig!1

  9. Liozeris says:

    Thailand people consume a fraction of the meat that we do. Price is the
    limiting factor. There are thousands of one pig pens in the US that produce
    pork for the family table. Don’t get it wrong. Raise your own instead.

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