Onondaga Edit

Tom ende, Colin Dombek, Ken Ende, David Jordan. all Shred GNAR.
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  1. shayne scott says:

    were did you get the fish eye and how much did it cost

  2. skateallday07 says:

    i hate winter im bout to get a seasons pass when it dries up

  3. penguinsh1teater says:


  4. Kyle Kinsella says:

    they tore down the wooden part

  5. jeenyus720 says:

    whats the ending trick

  6. sk8nrun16 says:

    dude durin the winter hit up the bridgewater skate park its cold as fuck
    but its dry

  7. Elijah Martin says:

    Varial heel at the ending was boss.

  8. S0urS4uc3 says:

    omg! that was my skateboard that rolled in on that first shot =)

  9. HIIMJAKE22 says:

    what fisheye and camera is that?

  10. Dan Pilewski says:

    u bailed on the kickflip but everything else is real sick

  11. Joey Albanese says:

    david jordan is a beast

  12. penguinsh1teater says:

    hahah wow thats fuckin awsome.

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