Onondaga Lake Skatepark Montage 07′

Onondaga Lake Skatepark Montage 07′ i was ina hurry to finish this, some bad editing and better song choice oh well better on next year.


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  1. Funkatronical says:

    i go there alot 24 years and still goin.. sk8 fo life.. sick riding man..
    kickflip to 5.0 exc nice..

  2. sk8attak says:

    holy shit lol i was just there yesterday

  3. Rfcboards says:

    I always go there sick video

  4. Skateetaks1 says:

    im in it haha really

  5. zero102388 says:

    ha I just moved up to syracuse I have yet to go to this park but ill be up
    there sooner or later. try rap songs for montages. they usually come out
    good and sick skating. props.

  6. jeenyus720 says:

    3:51 ive done that so many times lol

  7. penguinsh1teater says:

    Joe Peta Lovingly sucks chode

  8. Halst says:

    I’m so happy that they built a skate park, but the quality and layout is
    pretty bad. RIP EVE

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