Onondaga Ridin’

A real quick video of me at Onondaga lake skatepark.


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  1. mxboxc4 says:

    idk man they got a sketchy bowl but its alrightt

  2. Chocolatesk8r93 says:

    Nice 360. Ive skated there before.

  3. Mark Reilly says:

    when i go there i always hit that quarter pipe

  4. Samcook658 says:

    haha earlier i was playing bike with some kid, never tryed to go all the
    way over the volcano, he did it though so i had to, so i try it and fucking
    fly over it and land on the flat on the other side :D i was thinking i was
    gonna eat shit sense i was on my new bike i got 3 days ago but it all held
    up :D

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