Part “1” How to install new tub, level it & connect drain and overflow plumbing DIY Atlanta GA

I am presenting bathtub installation instructions and new plumbing adjustment – drain and overflow connections STEP BY STEP !!!! You will see everything that…
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  1. Angry Candle says:

    woops lol.?

  2. Chris Booth says:

    any advice for installing tub on concrete slab foundation???

  3. Ryan Roberts says:

    Thank you for the lessons. Great teacher.?

  4. Ulysses Mori says:

    Nice job!!!?

  5. Ryan Ferretti says:

    Step #1, make sure the carpenters give you a level floor!?

  6. dvddiva S.L.S says:

    This guy is awsome !!! Would love to see a 12″ toilet installed in 10″
    rough in.?

  7. carpespasm says:

    Thank you for going through this so thoroughly and not just using jump
    cuts, but explaining the actual process right down to jotting notes on a
    chunk of box. I’m a plumber’s son and grew up watching and working with my
    dad but this is one skill that escaped me growing up. Now that I’m helping
    a friend install a new tub this is EXACTLY the sort of video I needed.

    I laughed and cringed when I saw that coupling fall down the hole at the
    end. Seen that happen enough to know it’s GONE. XD?

  8. Duston Norcross says:

    great job! Very helpful and insightful! Thanks a lot!?

  9. Clive Young says:

    Absolutely outstanding video . Watched this and the second one. Just bought
    a house with that exact layout and was stumped by the drain. I now have the
    confidence to replace it all . Cant wait to watch the tileing one. Thanks.?

  10. Ytube099 says:

    Great video. thank you

  11. Blake E says:

    I must say I got the best laugh out of the piece falling into the basement
    at the end. Nice to know that stuff happens to everyone and not just me!

  12. Brian Baigorri says:

    Thanks for the great video!! One question though – I noticed you installed
    the tub on the plywood subfloor. Is there any value to laying cement board
    over the plywood, and then the tub over that? Thanks!?

  13. Elizabeth Ricketson says:

    thanks so much for taking the time to do step by step instructions filled
    with little insider expert tips.. I’m sure you go into many new
    construction and older homes where the people did a crap job and you have
    to fix it.. we are currently doing our hall bath, having done the master a
    couple years back.. having trouble getting a 60 inch tub into the opening
    we just removed a 60 inch tub from.. making us a little crazy.. the bottom
    edge on the right end is hitting the 2×4, its a 60.5 opening, any tips? my
    husband things taking the dry wall off one side of the outside of the tub
    area will work, I think he’s making extra work for me.?

  14. mark sanchez says:

    I agree them carpets ?

  15. mark sanchez says:

    Nice we dont level the walls or clean p trap lol ?

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