Part 1: Professor Ian Plimer Interviewed by Brian Carlton; Heaven and Earth

Australia’s best known Geologist, Ian Plimer, Professor of Mining Geology at The University of Adelaide and Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences at The Unive…
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  1. rimian says:

    Plimer is the director of three mining companies: Ivanhoe, CBH Resources &
    Kefi Minerals. I’d expect a journalist to disclose this information
    especially when Plimer criticises his opposition of having a conflict of
    interest. Why doesn’t this journalist quiz Mr Plimer about the mistakes in
    his book? eg: That humans emit less CO2 than volcanoes & the earth has been
    cooling since ’98. There’s a huge list of well publicised errors in this
    book. This is poor quality news and poor quality science.

  2. Rainfish14 says:

    He disagrees with your world view and you attack him for it. That scares
    me. Why is it that the only evidence for global warming is that the people
    who disagree don’t care and aren’t qualified scientists? Every time I argue
    with someone about climate change I get attacked for not knowing what I’m
    talking about. The data is what matters. Also, why is environmentalism not
    seen as a bias? Oil companies aren’t the only people causing harm.

  3. ABNNewswire says:

    I saw someone reading the book “Heaven and Earth – The Missing Science” on
    the bus this morning..

  4. rimian says:

    Yes, of course. You check your facts. For example: “BH Resources paid
    Plimer $A125,000 in 2009 and $181,003 in 2008” (which you’ll notice I
    mentioned yesterday). How come I have to tell you this? This isn’t news at
    all. It’s an endorsement by a corporate press release distributor. I refer
    to the interviewer’s quote at the end of part 3 “It’s a great read” and “I
    urge anyone who’s interested in the subject to have a read”.

  5. pseudotruth says:

    Plimer’s directorships encompass a number of mining companies. AFAICT, only
    Ivanhoe produces coal. The other interests seem to be metal ore mines.
    Google Ian Plimer Ivanhoe mine director coal Ivanhoe SouthGobi Energy
    Resources coal The fact remains Plimer has a vested interest in undermining
    [!] the science of AGW. Add to that plagiarism and telling outright lies –
    that makes his resumé really stand-out! Ian Plimer Heaven + Earth checking
    the claims Enting

  6. ABNNewswire says:

    You are not listening. Accusations without substantiation is akin to
    playground tantrums.

  7. pseudotruth says:

    dddave999 Your inability to understand the sequence of events as generally
    known is indicative of a low intelligence. Only the hacker really knows
    what he did. However there are good reasons to believe that the hacker was
    based in North America. which means that in all likelihood it wasn’t an
    inside job / whistle-blower. It was part of the denial industry so beloved
    of idiots.

  8. pseudotruth says:

    ABNNewswire If you had bothered to look at my links, you would find
    irrefutable evidence of Plimer’s coal interests; plagiarism; manufactured
    graphs; doctored graphs; misrepresentations of the science & etc. Simple!
    Prove that all these allegations are untrue! Google Ian Plimer Heaven +
    Earth checking the claims Enting Ian Plimer Ivanhoe mine director coal
    Ivanhoe SouthGobi Energy Resources coal Plimer the plagiarist Monbiot Let
    battle commence! Climate change denialist ready for the fight

  9. aGlobalWarmingHOAX says:

    Thank god for Plimer!

  10. pseudotruth says:

    ABNNewswire Plimer’s pseudo-scientific drivel would cause so much hilarity
    among scientifically qualified knowledgeable reviewers, because apart from
    the plagiarism; the doctored graphs; bogus graphs and the repeated
    misrepresentation of the science. Plimer’s theories have all been debunked
    Heaven + Earth is being promoted as ‘a scrupulous and scholarly analysis’.
    – This is a bare-faced lie. [Cover blurb (PB Ed.) by fellow denialist the
    scientifically unqualified Lord Lawson]

  11. weallknowitstrue says:

    There were NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq – just as Dr. Hans Blix
    said; But, the Republican media machine didn’t want us to hear that. And,
    there is NO dangerous climate change caused by human carbon dioxide – just
    as the “independent scientists” are now trying to tell us! But, the
    Democrat media machine doesn’t want us to hear that. We are made to run
    from one boogieman to next, as each political party achieves its own
    agendas for them & their money mates. SEE Professor Bob Carter

  12. Darth Belal says:

    I didn’t ask for a statement, or what I you think I was fishing for or what
    your opinion is of those who believe that Jones’ statements are an
    indication of fraud or not. I’ve asked for a rebuttal. I’m asking for you
    to illustrate why using a trick to hide the decline is NOT hiding truth on
    global warming. Either you come up with a counter statement or you go away,

  13. pseudotruth says:

    captainboggles Perhaps you would like to enlighten us why we should believe
    Plimer? You need to realise that you need to refute substantively the
    allegations detailed in my posts by demonstrating they are untrue! Failure
    to address those problems will of course indicate that Plimer is not to be

  14. nickatnoon61 says:

    @rimian Thanx bud, I don’t listern to ‘SUITS’ anyhow as a rule. If you want
    ULTIMATE TRUTH, go to the loveforlife website! It will rock you down to yer
    socks!!! cheers!

  15. alignwithtruth says:

    Great interview. I am about half way through the book and I am finding it
    very helpful. Thanks Ian, for making the very great effort to write such a
    text. All power to you.

  16. burrellex says:

    Should be compulsory viewing!

  17. pseudotruth says:

    weallknowitstrue Carter is not a climate scientist, he is a geologist and
    arrogantly, claims to understand what specialist experts do not. His claims
    are incompatible with the evidence and therefore false. He is associated
    with at least two organisations that have received Exxon funds. A member of
    New Zealand Climate Science Coalition an anti-science group dedicated to
    refuting claims that recent anomalous warming is man-made. Google Spot the
    recycled denial V Prof Bob Carter

  18. Darth Belal says:

    you didn’t answer the question, pseudotruth. To use a trick to hide data
    sounds an awful lot like fraud, rather than calling others names, rebutt my

  19. kreuland says:

    It’s great to hear real science actually being demonstrated rather than
    screaming politicians looking to fatten their wallets… I am also glad to
    hear such a reputable Geologist doing so. This interview aligns with the
    reading I have been doing to get informed… It’s amazing what you learn
    when you actually check it out for yourself rather than follow the sheep to
    the slaughter… Thank you for speaking out, and I wish Obama received this
    better. It does not fit his plan for the World ;<)

  20. Darth Belal says:

    Quote from Phil Jones not taken out of context as follows: “Ive just
    completed Mikes Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for
    the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards) amd from 1961 for Keiths to hide
    the decline.” Tell me, pseudotruth, is manipulating data to hide results a
    “legitimate” scientific technique?

  21. pseudotruth says:

    ABNNewswire Since Plimer refuses to answer Monbiot’s questions, do Plimer
    and us all a favour and answer them for him! I and many others [including
    Plimer] look forward to the answers. They can be found at: google Monbiot
    Let battle commence! Climate change denialist ready for the fight

  22. pseudotruth says:

    Darthbelal It’s been debunked. You are fishing for dross.

  23. pseudotruth says:

    If Plimer’s arguments were as watertight as he claims, he would have
    submitted them to a premier peer-reviewed scientific journal like ‘Nature’
    for publication. The fact is that he hasn’t, he put them in a book that has
    been slated by numerous scientists. For a list of the errors and deceits in
    Plimer’s Climate drivel, google: Ian Plimer Heaven Earth checking the
    claims Enting The only ‘missing science’ is the science missing from
    Plimer’s arguments!

  24. pseudotruth says:

    ABNNewswire ‘The priests of atmospheric science are boiling in their own
    bile’ I note you have nothing of substance to say about the science. Plimer
    certainly doesn’t! google: Ian Plimer Heaven Earth checking the claims

  25. Jason Dow says:

    I agree! let’s remain skeptical about this man’s claims until we are
    provided with the information on which he is basing his claims… hold him
    to his own standards- Answer Monbiots questions openly and cite your
    sources so we can all make up our own minds! cheers

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