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  1. Derek Thomas Lirio says:

    I had more? skill than most college grads? I’ve ever met, by the time I finished high school. I was well versed in 2 different professions, with strong correlations in a third. Sitting at home on my computer, I’ve learned all I’ve ever needed to know. In high school, I learned more skipping classes than others learned in them.

  2. LEE S. says:


  3. David Coleman says:

    Sallie? Mae gone luv you…

  4. Andre Cymone says:

    This was your opinion in 2012 ,do you say the samething this? year ?

  5. saintgauden says:

    College degrees just mean you are conditioned to be part of the? 9-5 working class…it doesn’t mean you are a thinker. Ironically, the thinkers are often the folks who don’t finish university.

  6. IWantMyVisionBack says:

    Not only is college a waste of? money and time, so is the public education system.

    Public education system only assists one up to a certain point, and then after that it stops. I believe the school system stagnates our creative genius and imagination that we are so connected to at a young age.

  7. Barbara Dixon says:

    Based on one of the posters is a clear reason why some need to attend school “BigDirtyBastard.” Secondly, college is about discipline, Period. I am an entrepreneur, but achieving my degree is MY bucket list. Peter Thiel has his degree and an attorney at that. Apparently he was taught to do both earn his degree and develop his own business from someone who mentored him. You have to start somewhere. When I hear? about what is happening around the world, I know why it is happening

  8. Crystal Lee says:

    There are? different kinds of ideas.

  9. rza884 says:

    In ancient times education was meant to expand minds to make a better human being. Now days it’s just for making money, which in? turn makes colleges intention to make students as a commodity for companies & even for themselves. Where smart student becomes a professor in turn working in universities to gave them more money. Like Brian Tracy quote it from someone ” College teach you to make a living, self education teach you to make a fortune”


    I graduated college with a degree in biology I have now been working at burger king for 5 years, college, gotta? love it!

  11. swiv2d says:

    My mental disorder is keeping me out of college. I can’t risk having a debt and wasting my time not helping my family with their bills and debt? while studying.

  12. UmmSchooling says:

    Truth is…College is a business…One that sells the idea of a dream, if you want to pay $80,000 for the idea of a dream then go for it. Nothing’s free, if government student loans didn’t? exist , less people would be in debt and more people would be working or creating jobs. Debt=indentured servant =slave.

  13. ewiz05 says:

    So college should only be set up for people with great ideas & financial stability? Makes sense & doesn’t make sense.?

  14. Eric Aaron Jr says:

    I want to own a car dealership :) great? idea!

  15. Eric Aaron Jr says:

    My friend graduate this May and she has job lined up already when she graduate.? Her degree is in Accounting.

  16. Derek Thomas Lirio says:

    I’ve never been to college. The closest I’ve gotten, is the few college classes I took in high school. I’ve met a few guys that have graduated from what I do, and they don’t know the first thing. So, from what I’ve seen, college is bad for you, lol. At least in the tech industry, it’s harmful. So, rather than go a few tens of thousands in debt, to hear things I’ve known since my teens, I’m gonna stay on the street, making money, *gasp*, without? a college degree. I know, it’s like magic, LOL

  17. surrealnumber says:

    a rulerless society, not a lawless society, peter is a smart man, peter is a anarcho-capitalist. people? should know more about that wonderful man and his reasons.

  18. Theonealways1 says:

    5% with 47 million on? foodstamps? Go sell that BS some where else. Everyone and their mama got a bachelors. Many bachelor grads have HS diploma jobs.

  19. surfer808hi says:

    hang in? there man

  20. surfer808hi says:

    Well said man!?

  21. Zach Scott says:

    Actually I’m going to college in 1 week to become a millwright. My college guarantees a position as they set it up for you. TBH if you want a guaranteed job, go into the trades and move to Edmonton Alberta Canada. The reason why the need is? so high for the trades is because all the baby boomers are retiring and your country needs the trades because they’re a necessity.

  22. palmzproductions says:

    I think Peter Thiel believes there are young people in the world with great ideas? who can change and better the world but the schools they go to do not help them to execute and maintain these ideas. So a specific school should b set up for young people with great ideas. Should pple drop out of college? Well the question should b: wat is it that u would like 2 become that u can make money off of & contribute to society as well? If college achieves that goal, cool. If not rethink your options.

  23. ir10031981 says:

    K-12 is mandatory
    college, or some form of higher education? is optional.

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