PLANET UNDER PRESSURE 2012 March 29, 2012 March 29, 2012 Part 4

Programme Thursday 29 March 2012 Day 4: Planetary Stewardship 09.00: High-level welcome 09.15:Conference Statement Lidia Brito, Director of Science Policy, U…
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  1. Eman Puedama says:

    12:22 -‘un-question the answer’ ? I think that’s probably what’s known as
    Newspeak. If it doesn’t make any sense to the listener it’s because they’re
    an idiot and should just leave the thinking to the ‘experts’.

  2. controlfreakssuckass says:

    they look guilty… who do they think they are fooling, themselves? they
    are sooooo fake and shallow… im disgusted with the stupidity of thier con

  3. controlfreakssuckass says:

    economics? you mean carbon taxes? go suck a chemtrail

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