Plantation forestry and water consumption

http://www.upmplantationlife.com. Water and plantations. Plantations can deliver a sustainable source for paper, tissue and timber, which we all use in every…
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  1. GeasphereAfrica says:

    Don’t forget the other problems forest planations cause! In Fact we face
    that problems here in Soutafrica quite hard. We have loads of plantations
    here so there is a big struggle going on!

  2. Timothy Strupeit says:

    Eucalyptus plantations are an unfair and unequal exchange between local
    communities and TNCs. While TNCs receive all the profits, local communities
    subjected to this kind of ‘development’ (actually you cannot call this
    development) have to carry the burden – water stress, biodiversity loss and
    the corresponding loss of essential services from the natural vegetation,
    livelihood loss, etc. (the list is long…….)

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