Pond Vacuum Cleaner WVP800DH Numatic – Avern Cleaning Supplies

The Numatic WVP800DH is a compact yet powerful pond vacuum cleaner that has many great features. Including the ability to store all connectors and hoses with…
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  1. David Riley says:

    The float valve filter blocks the suction at 2:12?

  2. Logan Putman says:

    I think it should be able to do it just fine with no problem at all. Logan

  3. raptured14 says:

    You noisey bleeder. Only joking lol.

  4. Hamzah Akram says:


  5. JimmyTyrer1 says:

    My pond has very fine sludge on the bottom and sides. Will the vacuum clean
    this or will it not be able to collect it?

  6. bejewelled man says:

    thnaks for the tip and by the way i always wanted to try this with my
    numatic geoge you know the 2 in 1 wet cleanng and drying should i do it or

  7. bejewelled man says:

    is that vacuum waterproof and can you use it inside the house

  8. Avern Industrial Cleaning Supplies says:

    The vacuum is not water proof, however it is splash resistant. All the same
    we would always recommend plugging it into a garden plug with a circuit
    breaker built in. You can use it in the house if you have a split pipe, or
    similar, just be sure to clean it well after to ensure no contaminates get
    back into your pond.

  9. Avern Industrial Cleaning Supplies says:

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