Professor Boffin on Britain’s Got More Talent

The Professor Boffin clip from Britain’s Got More Talent. Almost 5 minutes of comedy science fun.


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  1. Dena Briscoe says:

    Came to my school

  2. macaroondude says:

    Loving the t-shirt!

  3. jordan brown says:

    lol he was my techer in year 7

  4. moshiqueen whoohoo says:

    my brother was in his class and he’s dead good just he was a bit nervous.
    it’s not comedy it’s just it

  5. Paul Shepherd Music says:

    is it wierd that professor boffin is my schoolteacher?

  6. Mary-ann Featherstone says:

    Soz terry but it must have been a mega experiance but it was a bit of a
    fail i would love it if u could of got simons autorgraph for me n who ur
    lil lab rat has he got facebook i might add him hehe

  7. ellielass1440 says:

    he was a science teacher lol he was good realy but he was nervous

  8. Mary-ann Featherstone says:

    no it not he is imbaresin :( but i do really feel for the kid who has him
    as a teacher

  9. ellielass1440 says:

    in our school i mean

  10. TigsAndKizzii says:

    not so weird… me too. And I can promise that Physics was never fun in his
    lesson, or in anyone else’s!

  11. Declan Mcaloone says:

    He came to my school

  12. MrNintendoguy123 says:

    If i was the judges i would say yes :-)

  13. meggann yolo says:

    hehe i know lol this funni :)

  14. moshiqueen whoohoo says:

    BOOOO simon

  15. classroommedicstv says:

    EPIC ACT! We want more of the @scienceviking66 ! Alesha & Simon don’t know
    what they are missing :-)

  16. Mary-ann Featherstone says:

    omg i feel sooo sorry 4 ya he tryies to b a viking dont he lol tell him i
    said hi by mary-ann lol

  17. weglitch4fun says:

    Unlucky Terence but you are a fail ,but you don’t teach anymore so don’t
    lie !!!!!!!!!!

  18. meggann yolo says:

    ha ha mary-ann btw the show was amazing your great terry :)

  19. Mary-ann Featherstone says:

    i sooooooo cannot believe we r related :L n terry that was an epik fail

  20. Mary-ann Featherstone says:

    but terry u will always be my crazy but epic second cuz x :) i am nice u c

  21. Mary-ann Featherstone says:

    ahaha very funny megan he is not that gd just cus he my second cuz

  22. Paul Shepherd Music says:

    west lakes? cumbria? you’re not alone… :)

  23. moshiqueen whoohoo says:

    He’s my brothers friends dad lol

  24. lewis wilson says:

    i go to his school

  25. Beastz X Gaming says:

    Instead of Science, why not Comedy Gold Science..?

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