Professor Brian Cox Lecture on the universe

A lecture by Brian Cox on how the universe was created. If you like this video please help me grow my channel by hitting that like button. Thanks guys! Oh & …
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  1. Adele Horn says:

    <3 this guy
    Professor Brian Cox Lecture on the universe?

  2. Stephanie Murray says:

    His voice is like milk for the ears.

    Aaaannnd sleep.?

  3. Mark Farrell says:

    I remember reading about the sun using 4 million tonnes of hydrogen of fuel
    per second. Now its 600 million tons. How has this new figure been
    predicted? And how is the amount worked out anyway??

  4. Olivia Giles says:

    I understood everything he said…I wish I had professors like him at

  5. thenexttsar says:

    Absolutely fascinating. It’s amazing what humanity can accomplish when
    we’re not busy killing each other.?

  6. Dean Turner says:

    It doesn’t matter where you are in the universe, earth or somewhere else,
    the universe will always be expanding away from your POV.?

  7. Anila Sivakumaran says:

    What I would like to know is when they say the universe is expanding, is
    it so from the earths point of view. Is the universe expanding all around
    the earth or is it expanding on any one side of the earth. Is there a
    centre point from where the universe is expanding.?

  8. Fozzy says:

    So a fair few things I havent been understanding in my physics and
    chemistry lessons at school have just been explained to me perfectly. This
    man is a amazing. Thank you Brian! :D?

  9. chrish12345 says:

    how do you get a picture of the universe, did the camera go into another

  10. chrish12345 says:

    i lerve galaxy piks

  11. Pablo Precios says:

    The LHC will reveal more secrets as it continues to extend our
    understanding of physics. But you won’t notice that because you will be too
    immersed in your fairy tales. Have a nice ignorant life loser.

  12. wwjudasdo says:

    Ah you got me bro. I’ve officially been zinged by superior wit and champion
    trolling. I humbley bow to your comedic prowess good sir.

  13. EnglishCuppa says:

    no, dont feed you fatty!!

  14. wwjudasdo says:

    Don’t feed the trolls.

  15. Obama McCain says:

    He “Believes” things can be at two places at once. But of course, he has no
    scientific evidence of such a remarkable claim.

  16. Ryan Murphy says:

    “make people mad”

  17. Ryan Murphy says:

    Again, this user is a troll trying to get more attention to his aggressive
    videos and website in an attempt to make money off outrage. Nothing he says
    will make any sense because it is all designed to make people made so they
    will help him get more traffic. Flag his comments and if he becomes
    abusive, which is his MO so far, report him.

  18. Ryan Murphy says:

    DO not reply to this troll, he is flogging an anti-atheist and
    anti-evolution website to sucker in fools to make money off of. Do not help
    him promote his site by arguing with the tool.

  19. jessica Petersen says:

    I don’t get it. How do you end up at 14 billion years exactly? Do all stars
    and galaxies move at the same rate? Did they always move at the same rate
    over time? Can a galaxy’s acceleration change over time?

  20. E Rees says:

    Very interesting

  21. Colloftus says:

    I’d love to have met cox and feynman at the same time, I would just get
    high and listen

  22. giorgi pichkhaia says:

    one of my favourite scientists his book brian cox and jeff foreshaw: the
    quantum universe everything that does happen can happen which made quantum
    mechanics and electrodynamics so interesting that a 7th grader like me
    understood it.


    i whould say neil de grasse gabe newell cox colber and eddie izzard

  24. grnach says:

    and Steven Colbert!

  25. Hugh Jass says:

    Athiesm is growing in Ireland at a very rapid rate. One of the fastest in
    the world apparently. 10-12% now officially confirm themselves as athiests
    and a whopping 53% say religion doesnt have an important role in their
    lives. Im very proud of that

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