Professor Griff & Precise Science

Download @ www.movementunes.com Thoughts on the state of hip-hop and the culture as a whole with Professor Griff of Public Enemy and Precise Science at Rust …
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  1. kisha reyes says:


  2. chinita41 says:

    best video on yt.. much respect for these legends..~lady chinita

  3. SONY LEGEND says:

    Thats what I like to see, real warriors taling about real things…. ALL
    DAY EVERY DAY And most importantly…. BE ORIGINAL WITH YOUR SHIT!!! SL 01

  4. dadreamzworld says:

    @MrDuffy81 Faggot? I’m a girl you damn pig, besides that, the word NIGGER
    describes you and that never described me. Just know that Jesus is the
    answer and a pig like you is just mad because Jesus had hair as wool. You
    know you are apart of that bloodline and I live to see pigz like you get
    mad when you are called out. If anyone is the racist, it would be the one
    who used the word NIGGER to offend a black person when u can’t because it
    doesn’t describe me at all. A guilty pig will always squill.

  5. Ha Mayim says:

    According to scriptures Afro Americans are the true Hebrews…. Though
    ancient Hebrews has a lot of history with there dealings and slavery by the
    Khemetics our forefather Jacob was not a Khemetic himself… We have got to
    stop praising those same nations who enslaved our forefathers as this is
    one of the main reasons we are in the conditions we are in today…

  6. BWizer says:

    Now this is good news, I love Griff and I love them brothers precisescience
    amd I can feel the positive when they speak,I grew up with Hip Hop and I
    its time Hip Hop grows up, and now its time for Precise Science to take
    this art to a greater and new hieghts! and yeah, Griff may not have Public
    Enemy anymore but he would fit in well with Precise Science, and who needs
    sellouts like Flava Flav and Chuck D when you got Precise Science,PEACE!

  7. muptahu24 says:

    walking around like the gods did note these gods r their and my ancestors.
    yours too if u muur/so called black, so here u r clowning when u were
    great, and celebrating now as a slave, and u call me sheople? look at the
    walls in egipt, he is egniting your dna, if u a albion tmahu then u wont
    want them 2 wake up ourdna.

  8. muptahu24 says:

    rabbit triks r 4 negros like u

  9. jeffery washington says:

    Man that real smooth!!!

  10. claude hammersay says:

    @MrDuffy81 why would you serpents not just go back to the caves …. there
    is no argument for you or your meat eating culture..you are the
    abomination…everyone sees it now…peace to you

  11. BrownEagle7 says:

    Just another bloodline of the false god speaking of sorcery and natural
    science. Although, historically they speak of pertinent knowledge, they
    fail to discard the symbolism that deceives the masses and pays homage to
    idolatry and satanism and confess the true God.

  12. Followingfist says:

    Ignite the Ancestorial DNA! That’s what I’m talking about! Where is the
    album brothaz!!! Like Cube said, feed yo’ brain! I feed off of this
    ….real talk!

  13. FutureMan2015 says:

    Listen!!! Listen !!Listen!get it where u get it!!truth is truth!!Detroit n
    the house We got the Torch!!

  14. showtime3700 says:

    You can tell he wuz down with Chuck D!! I can hear Chuck freakin that

  15. nehemiah hall says:

    the original jews were people of color. not white. abraham name mean black
    father. Abram=father and ham=black. Has is one of the sons of Noah, and the
    father of Black people.

  16. Arius Black says:

    to “lachon91” . When the Romans wanted to conquer a people or an existing
    nation. What they would do first is go to the certain Nobles of a nation
    with riches and luxuries and soften the nobles up. Get those nobles
    “addicted” to that lifestyle. Then when they are used to those toys
    threaten to take them away. for ex, OJ, MJ, Iron Mike, Jordan, Snipes, Vick
    and oh yes Obama. For views of the process watch the following flicks,
    Braveheart, The Firm, ABC 20/20 Jackie Gleason Interview.

  17. Zagi Kujaribu says:

    @ElsHouse Being able to rhyme is like an elevation, a step up from everyday
    communication, your 14 words show no progress or intelligence, your logical
    reasoning has no relevance. And there’s no such thing as a black man
    because we’re all hew man, the word is not a peoples it’s just a
    description. And don’t just make judgements from your sight, cause
    percieving only through your eyes makes you deficient in your mind.

  18. Moor knight says:


  19. Geechee Slim says:

    Thats the most intelligent lyrics I’ve heard in almost 5 years.

  20. Anita Alford says:

    Professor Griff is still FINE.

  21. DW1014 says:

    Griff nice with the flow and it has real meaning Them dudes hot too most
    cats broke because money don’t have no instructions damn that line was real

  22. Bullet proof says:

    those 3 dudes were raw

  23. biggywebby says:

    Are you saying that Dr.Ben doesn’t know what he’s talking about?!? Or Dr.
    Ray Hagins?

  24. Followingfist says:

    @dimviesel …I’m sayin’…..the message, the lyrics, the hip hop, it’s
    dope! Real Music, Real Talk!

  25. Chel'le H says:

    i know flav s a sell out but chuck D? how?

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