Professor JT Explains Science

Tyler records JT’s brilliant explanation on why electrons don’t have mass. CAUTION: This video contains extreme stupidity. Do not watch if you wish to retain…


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  1. JTPri12345 says:

    Unfortunately yes. Its a shame I know and there are plenty of ways for
    nobody to lead a normal life.

  2. tomrsm98 says:

    Ahahahaha this great.

  3. Darkstar 855 says:

    So I’m no one? D:

  4. JTPri12345 says:

    This clearly proves my brilliance.

  5. Dudaboy9000 says:

    Science !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ShawtyHullstineFilms says:

    Because the last 6 episodes of MLG EXTREME are ready but I’m too lazy to
    edit them.

  7. ShawtyHullstineFilms says:

    If you think this is bad, you should hear our conversations on “which came
    first: night or day?”.

  8. reachreginald says:

    why cant I haz Mlg extreme

  9. JTPri12345 says:

    I’m glad that no one has seen this. EVEN THOUGH I’M RIGHT

  10. Darkstar 855 says:

    …this changes everything

  11. xxadamxx0001 says:

    Have to say the pictures and text made it so much more funnier

  12. tomrsm98 says:

    Oh i got the 98 next to my name cuz this is the account i use on my
    phone…. galaxy s3 woo ;)

  13. MrJuicer7444 says:

    lol tags

  14. reachreginald says:

    editing shmediting

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