Professor Messer Security+ Course Overview – CompTIA Security+ SY0-301: 0.0

What is the Professor Messer Security+ Training Course? In this video you’ll learn about Professor Messer, the goals for the course, and how you can get the …


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  1. Dave Humphrey says:

    Just took the exam today there is updated material but I went through all
    of these videos and things I was having trouble on I just watched other
    videos and passed. I feel as long as you are understanding the concept of
    what is being explained you can figure out the answer. Good luck everyone.
    Thank you Prof Messer

  2. Shawn Blair says:

    Is there any difference between this SY0-301 course and the JK0-018? Thank
    you so much for these!

  3. Matthew Doyle says:

    I want to personally thank you. I am 40 yrs old and have 6 motnhs until I
    get myBS as IT specialist. I have always wanted to be a computer specialist
    instead of being just a laborer. I am sure getting these certifications
    will help.

  4. Joseph9536 says:

    It’s been 8 months since you posted your comment, how are you doing with
    your security + and 70-680? I just passed my 70-680, and let me tell you it
    was a real butt kicker!

  5. Anthony Hill says:

    This is going to be a great help as I use the CompTIA e-Learning site and
    other material, I only wish I had found your material when I was Studying
    for My A+ and Network plus.

  6. Doug McClain says:

    This is awesome! Thank you so much for this.

  7. dutchoco says:

    Thank God for a very wonderful, amazing, generous person like you…you
    really helped a lot of people.

  8. Steven Alvarez says:

    Thank you for such a professional contribution!

  9. William Patterson says:

    Thank you VERY much!!

  10. Francisco Salmeron says:


  11. brunobliss says:

    this guy = true life saver! A+ to you

  12. William McPherson says:

    I’m majoring in I.T. at my college. I’ll Recommend that my class mates
    subscribe to your channel

  13. MrTeaRev says:

    Gotta learn this ish for my military tech training. I’ve watched all the
    way thru once thus far and here goes run #2. Thanks so much!

  14. MP says:

    Thank you so much for this!

  15. 01Conductor says:

    Thank you for taking the time to put this stuff together. Very,very helpful.

  16. squirrel831 says:

    Thank you so much, Professor Messer. I just passed Comptia A+ today and
    also passed Network+ in July. Now I just started studying for Security +
    and Microsoft 70-680.

  17. steven Braxton says:

    Professer Messer, As a military member about to retire out the military and
    join the world of IT Professionals, this really helps tremendously. Your’re
    looking beyond price gouging people (like the IT Boot Camps) and looking at
    the long haul for all of us. A class act instructor you are…. Thank

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