Professor Michael P. Collins: What is Engineering Science?

Professor Michael P. Collins of the University of Toronto talks about the Engineering Science program at UofT. He describes EngSci as an “honours engineering…
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  1. P01029 says:

    :D hes my civ102 teacher this yr

  2. breadandwater918 says:

    collins = god

  3. Daniel Li says:

    Man aren’t you sour about life.

  4. Kevin Choi says:


  5. Strange Quark says:

    @P01029 he was my civ102 teacher this year :D

  6. Boston Walker says:

    Let me see if I can follow your line of reasoning: 1. Morgan Freeman is God
    2. Prof Collins is white Morgan Freeman 3. Prof Collins is God

  7. rohphomao says:

    “What you have to do is to find an area in engineering where you think you
    can really make a contribution. At the start of your career you won’t
    really be sure what area that is. If you find an area that you enjoy, if
    you find problems that are interesting, go for it… …and if you
    manage… …you’ll find it immensely enjoyable, and your professional life
    will be greatly rewarded.” I certainly found a problem that’s interesting.

  8. dlwodnd says:

    hes my civ102 teacher this year

  9. notoriousn1ck says:

    0:10 filtered for EngSci propaganda: “It’s the worst engineering program in
    the world. A special feature of it is that it gives no background in
    engineering – the high workload gives you no time to study the material
    in-depth so you cram everything and you learn nothing. The students that
    survive simply study a lot and have no lives/hobbies/interests or ever get
    laid (seriously). In the end, EngSci makes, in general, average engineers
    who have wasted 4 years of their lives.”

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