Professor Noam Chomsky – April 8, 2011

Institute of Cognitive Science and the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences The Andrew Brook Distinguished Lecture Series presents: …
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  1. BigMikeMcBastard says:


  2. geniemist says:

    too bad he can’t live for 1000 years….imagine the knowledge he would

  3. TheGodlessGuitarist says:

    If it is possible love a man without having met him, then that is what I do.

  4. AntonBatey says:

    LOL @ 1:38:00 mark….

  5. WastedTourist says:

    Chomsky has been fighting two wars all his life: (1) Against tyranny and
    injustice in all it’s forms and (2) against anti-scientific approaches to
    the study of human beings

  6. jacksawild says:

    There are some people who need no introduction. Noam Chomsky, apparently,
    requires two.

  7. Pianophile57 says:

    Fucking awesome. We are privileged to hear him speak through youtube. God
    bless Chomsky.

  8. Dorian Winslow says:

    This man possesses some remarkable knowledge. Great information!

  9. Amy Alexandra says:

    If they invent cyrogenic freezing before this guy dies, please freeze him
    so he can lead the world after WW3

  10. Abraxas Nexus says:

    I am truly sad that he is in his twilight years, will be a great loss when
    he passes :(

  11. David Fairhurst says:

    I cant believe how clever this man is. His brain is different from the rest
    of us :p

  12. pneudmatic says:

    @Diosukekun I think that he actually misspoke and meant to say “Are eagles
    that fly swim”. He’s talking about the structural distance between the
    auxiliary ‘are’ and ‘swim’. He likes to point out that language users don’t
    have trouble keeping track of the connection between ‘are’ and ‘swimming’
    even in convoluted sentences like ‘Are eagles that fly over the Pacific
    while they hunt for fish in the… (and on and on) swimming?’ This is the
    only way it makes sense to me.

  13. Marko Kraguljac says:

    @lordennis01 Sentence is: “He wondered whether the mechanics fixed the
    cars”. We want to construct most straightforward question to find out how
    many mechanics were there (their number is irrelevant, linguistic structure
    of that question is what we examine). That question would be: “How many
    mechanics did he wonder whether fixed the cars?” Just listen to that
    abomination. Point is that question is meaningful but language structure
    gets in its way and we are unable to pose it straightforwardly.

  14. BloodTypeRagu says:

    @WastedTourist tru dat

  15. Doug Tarnopol says:

    Q&A starts at 1:10:00.

  16. gunnerfan87 says:

    Chomsky is a walking encyclopedia.

  17. BloodTypeRagu says:

    suitably interracial lol

  18. lodproductions90 says:

    O Holy Youtube! :-)

  19. borjon23 says:

    @rochha A shrewd argument, compellingly made.

  20. Arno Theadorno says:

    @ehudnold9 one thing’s for sure, and that’s ‘this jew’ won’t make YOU a
    more proficient writer. I’ve heard it said that, in order for the gentiles
    to recognize you as an ‘intellectual messiah’, it helps to be able to spell

  21. musicmathieu says:

    Thank you, much appreciated Chomsky!!

  22. Marko Kraguljac says:

    @lordennis01 Number is irrelevant. Existence of proper answer shows that
    question is meaningful.

  23. AntonBatey says:

    @BigMikeMcBastard lol, thanks

  24. Eldin M says:

    He is a genius, without a question, but I have to admit that because of his
    insistence to avoid pathos at any cost, he makes brilliant yet very
    monotonous speeches,

  25. Jose Quinones says:

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