Professor Richard Dawkins – “It Works”

Doodle-animation. Professor Richard Dawkins answers a question from the audience at the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford, on Friday 15th February 2013. Credit: Ric…
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  1. SkeptiSketch says:
  2. Dan Monsieurle says:


  3. ocylot says:

    ” “God doesn’t exist because we can’t prove He exists” is logically
    fallacious.” ….replace “God” with “Bigfoot”….Bigfoot believers say the
    same thing, but im sure you laugh at them.

  4. Markus9705 says:

    Well, the origin of everything isn’t even science, so… However, the Big
    Bang Theory is so close to the truth we can come, but it does not say
    anything of Big Bang’s origin. The dangerous thing about theological
    arguments is that you can (dis)prove whatever you like. Saying “It’s God”
    is easy to say, and does not require any research. The existence of god(s)
    is philosophy, not science. My philosophical standpoint is however that
    god(s) are man made. But that is only my personal standpoint.

  5. Markus9705 says:

    Evolution doesn’t say “it just happened”. The mutations are of course
    totally random, but the natural selection makes the best variants survive
    (survival of the fittest). Note that evolution doesn’t say that the
    biggest, strongest and smartest survives. The individuals that are most
    fitted to the environment survives.

  6. Markus9705 says:

    Except that evolution actually can be tested…

  7. Michael Branson says:

    Finally, someone who admits that science has a flaw in its argument about
    origins. I commend you for you courage. However, my argument is not the
    same. Science says there is only the material universe – no spiritual
    aspects allowed for consideration. Creationists say that there IS a
    spiritual aspect, of which God is a part. Saying “God doesn’t exist because
    we can’t prove He exists” is logically fallacious. Logic – 2 Circular
    reasoning – 0

  8. Markus9705 says:

    No, science CONFIRMS evolution. And yes, it is philosophical question. I
    ask the same thing about God; Since nothing comes from nothing, where did
    God come from? If your answer is “God wasn’t created”, you have exactly the
    same flaw in your belief as the scientific theory has. You can’t use it as
    an argument. Science – 1 Non-scientific beliefs – 0

  9. Markus9705 says:

    Evolution is only about how the species evolved, nothing else. The Big Bang
    Theory is not a concept of evolution. They are two different theories.

  10. TheMuzikath says:

    If you want an answer to that question you should ask about the origin of
    life. “The origin of life” and “evolution” are both fields that are studied
    in science, yes. But evolution is something different than the origin. So
    if you ask about evolution you shouldn’t expect an answer about the origin
    of life. It’s like asking for grapes and being disappointed that you don’t
    get tomatoes. (I now see that your post is from 3 weeks ago, sorry to
    bother, but i’m wanna post it anyway)

  11. TheZombiUnicorn says:

    Woah holy shit, you actually credited me for my art. Props, and thank you!

  12. exiledrabbit says:

    that’s just stupid, which I guess isn’t surprising

  13. exiledrabbit says:

    so basically religion is fiction

  14. Benfea says:

    You don’t seem to understand that when creationists say “evolution”, they
    mean all of science, so “evolution” includes abiogenesis, the Big Bang
    Theory, vaccine research, astronomy, inter-tidal marine biology,
    neuroscience, chemistry, etc.

  15. Benfea says:

    Any fool can provide answers. What matters are answers which are
    verifiable, which religion cannot provide. Religion’s answers are thus no
    better than the mutterings of a random crazy person on the street.

  16. Michael Branson says:

    Not necessarily with ONE answer, but at least AN answer, which
    material-only science cannot provide.

  17. exiledrabbit says:

    Evolution isn’t about where everything came from, it just explains how life
    could have potentially gone from being very simple and unintelligent to
    being like you, very complex and still unintelligent. But you’re right I
    guess in that evolution doesn’t explain where matter came from… so it’s
    obviously not true? Because all questions should be solved with one answer
    right? (monotheism)

  18. ThePhobiaCrew says:

    i love it when the religious idiots gather together to form a question to
    baffle atheists and then get shot down…every…single….time. if u watch
    any of richards q&a ull be in for a laugh.

  19. klip blop says:


  20. yendyshtims says:

    hahahah I didn’t know Richard was so edgy


    It’s Work?

  22. FrontlinerCdV says:

    It’s a theory, and therefore the closest factually supported explanatory
    model we have. Any less and it would be a hypothesis still. We cannot nail
    down what happened at point 0 second, but we can nail down what happened at
    and after 10^-42 seconds and it has been confirmed by multiple observations
    of the universe and the maths surrounding everything. And the math bit is
    very important because math cannot ever lie; everybody is free to redo the
    calcs and show whether they are erroneous.

  23. Clarity Of Clarkson says:

    Although these are promising signs, we can’t definitively prove the Big
    Bang Theory. It’s our best guess – but it’s not fact.

  24. Zan0s says:

    However, we do have evidence that supports the big bang theory, such as:
    -red shift in light: galaxies are moving away from us, space is expanding.
    -cosmic microwave background radiation: remnant heat from when the universe
    was very hot and dense. -the abundance of light elements H, He and Li
    (nucleosynthesis): the big bang theory predicts (and is in agreement with
    current observations) the relevant % abundance of these elements.

  25. OldishTim says:

    There is a T-shirt “Science. It works, bitches”, which pre-dates Dawkins
    utterance. I think the wording on the T-shirt itself derives from the rap
    ‘Greed’ by Ice Cube: “… shit hurts, but it works, bitch.”

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