Professor Richard Dawkins’ Seminar at Science World 2011 Part 3

“Should doctors be Darwinian?” Professor Richard Dawkins visited Science World 2011 and presented some challenging new ideas about medicine and evolution to …
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  1. Great Big Bore says:

    Rather than using the calcium example to explain the tooth quality
    question, I think that Dr Dawkins’ point might have been clearer if he’d
    explained thus: in the wild, a rat’s body must expend a certain amount of
    energy to produce good teeth. If a rat can’t get enough food to build those
    teeth but his genes are trying to build them anyway, the rat will be
    malnourished and raise fewer viable offspring. Rats needing less energy
    might have worse teeth, but they’d be healthier and more prolific.

  2. niginit says:

    He’s absolutely right, I’ve broken both of my clavical bones twice!

  3. Great Big Bore says:

    Oops, never mind. I posted my “better” explanation before listening to the
    rest of the video.

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