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Professor Sylvester Gates talks about Science and Race: One family: we are all distant relatives of each other. “We are one family, President Barack Obamas s…


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  1. DatMongrelAtheist says:

    I wonder who had a hand in making Africa a shithole while building up the
    shitholes on their continent using resources from Africa? Hmmmm. Civilized?
    If you call a country known for using military force to get what one wants
    rather than using words “civilized” then you have lower standards for

  2. blackraider777 says:

    that’s a nice logic there doctor, we are also distant relatives with apes,
    and all animals that that mean we are equal to them?

  3. John Higdon says:

    Take race out of your equation and listen objectively.

  4. DatMongrelAtheist says:

    One thing is clear, he outclasses you in every humanly way possible.

  5. mxzysptlik says:

    Yes, we are equal to them.

  6. SapperK9 says:

    Shit! I was lecturing on this 20 years ago to U3A in anticipation of the
    inevitable findings of the human genome project. I even gave some talks to
    year 12 students on the issue of the social construct known as “race.”

  7. 84Drumcircle says:

    @anywayokey For starters less highlight should be put upon the girls
    ethnicity and more on their environment and history of their ethnicity in
    this country. 2nd remind her that these are two African American girls, not
    the entire African American culture, and 3rd if they are in the wrong seek
    the best justice available like any other person would.

  8. 84Drumcircle says:

    @anywayokey Considering the environment that was forced and imposed on
    African Americans by whites. It no shocker that there might be some people
    who act in this way. I have the slave records of what your ancestors did to
    mine so I think you need to re evaluate what he just said and consider that
    you being beat up is a result of your ancient ancestors tampering with
    groups of people and societies.

  9. godofthisshit says:

    I think he mean slaves bought from a lot of Berbers and Arabs, sold to
    Whites, who some already had freedom and the rest won they freedom when
    they took up arms with other Whites who could so shits about slavery
    against other whites who only cared about slavery.

  10. blackraider777 says:

    lol, yeah let’s only highlight ethnicity when it suits you how convenient

  11. blackraider777 says:

    they don’t wanna hear that, that doesn’t fit ther victim agenda

  12. xKILLurGODx says:


  13. blackraider777 says:

    you mean slaves bought from other blacks and then freed by white people in
    war that alot of whites died in so you can live in civilised country
    instead of african shithole?

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