Professor Werner Gruber Science of Cooking Seminar At Science World 2012

Professor Werner Gruber, neuroscientist at Vienna University, joined us at Science World 2012 to present his seminar on the science of cooking. Arguing that …
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  1. Drops2cents says:

    I’m pretty sure that the shop where you buy that ridiculously? over-priced Himalaya Salt loves you too…

  2. ThatGuyFromAustria says:

    Too bad his English is not too good, he is a great lecturer — and? he is a good cook. As you can tell by just looking at him :-D And his tricks work very well, too!

  3. ShareEndorphins l says:

    that? was great and he is ironic too!

  4. InsaneUndertaker says:

    I actually? like Himalaya Salt. Even though it’s not from Himalaya. It has a nice color, and… yeah.
    But I really love Werner Gruber!

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