Pseudoscorpion Zoology (Ireland)

Neobisium, in Carraig ui Leighin, Ireland, with pseudoscorpion anatomy and biology. ARACHNID.


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  1. curseoroyal00 says:

    I had read about them when I was quite young and spent many long hours searching for them (in grass usually, I was a bit unimaginative :P). I only recently saw one in my bathtub a couple years ago and was stricken by such awe that I watched the minute creature for well over an hour. The only reason I stopped observing it was the fact that I sneezed and sent the poor little critter shooting off onto my bathroom floor someplace.
    That’s? my story, thanks for reading it. C=

  2. SamVision says:

    What is with the somber music??

  3. Quaoar Power says:

    Yes. I would buy the proper marine aquarium setup for that sucker.?

  4. happymonkeyfish says:

    if you could acquire an Ordovician or Silurian ? Eurypterid (sea scorpion) would you?

  5. UntitledFateFilms says:

    All? of the intro music is awesome.

  6. certifedWB6 says:

    fyi i? was like 13 or 14

  7. certifedWB6 says:

    i seen one one time when i lived in maine in this old 200 year old house…….i swear? im not retarded but i thought some girl gave me crabs lol i know hilarious now but i was freaked out

  8. humanweapon100 says:

    But? they’re pretty cute.If i were to catch one i would definitely be careful with it.

  9. Alex DeLarge says:

    They’re far? too small, though.

    You could easily lose one.

  10. Sheogorath ann marie says:

    the Pseudoscorpion seems friendly? like jumping spiders but its not a jumper although the name has scorpion It does not mean it should have a tail on its back the Pseudoscorpion in my opinion in awesome thanks for showing me this video :)

  11. humanweapon100 says:

    I want that as a pet.?

  12. AppleSasuke says:

    Well, he did say? they’re all over the world… So it’s likely that yes, they’re in Northern Ireland.

  13. Kean Darakhshandeh says:

    u, sir, make me lose brain cells at? the witnessing of your moronic assumptions. GET AN EDUCATIONS DUMBASS!!!

  14. FixitifityMovies says:

    YAY scorpions are arachnid!?

  15. TheAeitherNinja says:

    he said oregonian. i’m in oregon. I’m screwed?

  16. dapowerfulmastermind says:

    i saw at least three on? a tree!

  17. jmanning229 says:

    saw one on a park? bench one time

  18. rene gutierrez says:

    That shitt? nasty

  19. obsidiandeatheater says:

    You have no idea what “pseudo” means, do you? And, yeah, please do a little more research on what you’re talking about before you put up a response that seems like a five year? old said it. I don’t think that I’ve ever read anything that says arachnids don’t have tails.

  20. chris Armstrong says:

    ok,? please tell me these dont live in ireland as in, northern ireland in the uk???

  21. XrayyAgonyy says:

    You are literally too stupid to insult.?

  22. MrWubWub says:

    Looks like a scorpion had a rough night with a cockroach….?

  23. Whysotsuna says:

    its……? kinda cute….

  24. DocBarrelRoll says:

    I love how scorpions walk around with their claws extended/open/ready to snap, as if to say to the world “I WILL F**KING MURDER THE NEXT ORGANISM TO GET WITHIN A FOOT OF THE TWO? MAGNIFICENT HAND-MOUTHS”

  25. johnmichaelgordon says:

    It acts like a scorpion to scare predators away. I have a lot in a little? cage and i like to collect them.

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