QT: What should chancellor do for UK growth? (14Mar13)

If you could pitch an idea to George Osborne on getting growth in the UK economy, what would it be? Recorded from BBC Question Time, 14 March 2013.


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  1. bruno188home says:

    yes lots more snow over here near Hungary.

  2. bruno188home says:

    thanks for link. yes i used to ski, went all over the States and European
    Alps when i was younger, but not for fair while now, had a nice fall in
    Croatia on some man made snow/ice, put me off a bit. i think the French
    Alps, Val-d’Isere was the best place, have you visited?

  3. ForrestSpirit says:

    They just want to create more inequalities, the rest is smokescreen !

  4. bruno188home says:

    thanks for that tip. more snow here again, just when i starting thinking
    about preparing the veg garden and seedlings.

  5. bruno188home says:

    at 10.37 the guy in asks an interesting question, where does all this money
    come from? not that any one answers him. the majority of the money is
    created by the private banks as debt, with interest charged (that does not
    exist yet).

  6. Lennon6412 says:

    It’s just a statistic, no-one’s living standards are improving.

  7. jbarks10 says:

    The UK economy is taking off now you Labour bitches! All your hate and
    scare stories against Osborne is coming back to bite you!

  8. Erel H L says:

    Well said. The government needs to completely get out of the supply of
    money and leave it to the market.

  9. roy lynn says:

    Labour = Party of denial.

  10. bruno188home says:

    thanks, we certainly have some weird relationship between government and
    banks. i guess if free market determined the money, we would revert to a
    metals (Au, Ag & Cu) backing (Gresham’s Law). But there are many that argue
    that government’s should print up (limited) non interest bearing currency
    and spend it into economy, with full reserve banking. seems very un
    democratic letting private banks create the most important economic tool
    (currency) determined on their mood swings.

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