Quilty-Botany Bay.wmv


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  1. Amalekites says:

    Convert Quilty albums to wmv and use them as videos on youtube.. ok,
    that’ll work ^^ Love these guys!

  2. Amalekites says:

    Haha okay.. we’re all different, and that’s good. ^^

  3. Amalekites says:

    Yes that’s good.. but it wasn’t what I meant exactly =) I mean, why not use
    soundcloud for example for audio only and use youtube for videos? Normally
    you don’t view a song. At least I don’t. :D

  4. killiekentman says:

    good one

  5. LindsayCurran says:

    Had to check this one out – used to sing along with Burl Ives, many a year
    ago – this is different Botany Bay here, but just great! Thanks, Charlie!

  6. mandolinda6 says:

    Cool one!

  7. ceanadach says:

    Yup! I even contacted Dag Westling for his/their approval! :D

  8. NoRefillsLeft says:

    Love this! :)

  9. mandolinda6 says:

    @babbi43 Hey! what’s you doing here brat?! :D

  10. ceanadach says:

    I only listen to music on yt to be honest wi’ ya! LoL

  11. ceanadach says:

    Now i’m curious, ne’er even been on soundcloud, chequin’ right now! Hehe
    Have a good night mate! Slainte!

  12. luv4scotland says:

    another good one charlie thanks Linda’s teaching me to make vids now hehe
    maybe post one in a bit if i can do it!

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