Recycle Urban Vertical Gardening for Small Spaces

Recycle Urban Vertical Gardening for Small Spaces http://happyhouseandgarden.com/list/15465/city-vertical-gardening-for-small-spaces If you live in the city …
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  1. martysgarden says:

    Hi Steve, thanks for taking a peek over at Happy House & Garden website. I
    actually use it as a bookmarking site as well to make list of ideas and
    projects for myself too. Have a wonderful day! Happy Gardening Marty Ware

  2. vegetablesteve says:

    nice video, I already took a look at your website and I found some great
    idea’s to implement in my garden. Keep up the good work. greets, steve

  3. martysgarden says:

    Thanks Brock, I will do my best to come up with more vertical gardening
    ideas in the future, as you know the world is just getting smaller and
    growing straight up solves that issue and gives us more growing area.
    Thanks for the heads up with the Happy House & Garden site. Cheers Marty

  4. meanshoes says:

    Very nice Marty! I’m looking at installing some form of vertical system in
    the GH just to utilize the space on the wall! Great job. I went to Happy
    House & Garden web site Awesome! bro! Brock

  5. martysgarden says:

    Hi my friends. It’s really cool to see members putting some great content
    inside the Happy House & Garden website. We are now ranked at 3.2 million
    in the world in less than 3 months. If you’re not a member please consider
    coming over to share your content with others. Hopefully, I will see you
    there! Happy Gardening Marty Ware

  6. martysgarden says:

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