grand opening of red lake’s sick new park. did not expect such a fun park from such a small town, barkman did a super good job. thanks for having us down red…


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  1. producedproductions says:

    @BMXGUY16 so fun

  2. kirklandlakeskate says:

    you should check out the park in brandon its just finished, just look up
    brandon manitoba skate plaza theres a video up. i used to live in kenora

  3. NJVBFR says:

    @producedproductions Yeah man, it’s a sick park i live in a town 30 minutes
    away from it.

  4. Hayden Lumgair says:

    @producedproductions yea summers have been better having a park

  5. Austinized says:


  6. Hayden Lumgair says:

    haha i live here awesome, the parks actuallly pretty good

  7. Cody Gallant says:

    sick !

  8. producedproductions says:

    @NJVBFR lucky

  9. NJVBFR says:

    @producedproductions Yeah, its pretty sweet. I live in Ear Falls, I have
    relatives in Kenora.. I ride the skatepark there too.

  10. producedproductions says:

    @sANchTASTICFILMS yeah dude for sure

  11. Scrillls says:

    haha steve gnarlson

  12. PokeWrestler72 says:

    I live here and i scooter there and its just a bad ass skate park it
    totally awesome!!!

  13. sANchTASTICFILMS says:

    fuck lets make a trip up ther nick that park looks dope

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