Reviewing The OtterBox Defender Case for Kindle Fire HDX! Child Proof?

Follow me @ http://twitter.barnnerd.com & http://facebook.barnnerd.com Recently I purchased my wife a Kindle Fire HDX to keep her Kindle Paper White and orig…
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  1. Barnacules Nerdgasm says:

    Testing the @OtterBOX Defender for Kindle Fire HDX – Let’s see if it’s
    Barnacules Proof! #nerdproof #hulksmash?

  2. GamingTurkey says:

    Play assisin screed iv black flag on your 3 42inch tvs please?

  3. TheAwesomePman says:

    I legit laughed so hard my balls hurt at the beginning XD Keep up the good

  4. Adrian Gunter says:

    My Aunt broke her OtterBox case…?

  5. Ryein Goddard says:

    Why didn’t you just print a case??

  6. MichaelChopsWood says:


  7. Ubu the Tech Guru says:

    love the funny intro’s, keep em coming. besides the blue color, i think the
    otter box is great for tablets. they are way too large for phones in my
    opinion but for a tablet i’d say they’re totally awesome?

  8. João Alves says:

    Damn… Keep getting here too early for 1080 or even 720… :(?

  9. David Nix says:

    Who produced that micro fiber cloth?

  10. Rockerjpw says:

    Lol what if his wife watched
    this video?

  11. ThatBomb says:

    I use a life proof waterproof case for my S4. Pretty beastly.?

  12. Aiden Bennett says:

    I love the intos?

  13. Rockerjpw says:


  14. NearCry91 says:

    Already got your ass kicked??

  15. JordansTutorials says:

    I enjoy ur funny intros and videos and tech. Videos make more and keep it
    up ?

  16. DayOfDecimato says:

    I’m sorry jerry. But your background looks like a cock and balls..?

  17. Glenn Goldbeck says:

    i have lifeproof for my ipad and i love it?

  18. aXnMaN says:

    my daughter has saved up too buy her self a tablet (Nexus 7) maybe we
    should get her one of these for christmas.?

  19. Darcy Brown says:

    I can see gta 5 on the desk when are u gonna do some gameplays ?

  20. Louis Perenna says:

    I have the otterbox defender for my iPhone, iPod and iPad.
    It’s doing the job, and they are still like new inside.

    I had to remove the screen protector on the iPod one, because It look kind
    of look less clear and feel less responsive. I don’t know if someone else
    had this issue after 3 years of use.?

  21. XxEDscout4xX says:

    I love your intros!!!?

  22. Kyle Harrington says:

    Refreshed 5 times now because YouTube keeps *fucking up* and giving me an
    error message trying to watch this video, yet it loaded the 30 second ad in
    1080 instantly every time.

    I call conspiracy.?

  23. Deeplmpact says:

    Keep doing the funny intros! :)?

  24. HealingSauce says:

    I scratched my Galaxy Tab 2.0 as soon as I unboxed – needless to say it
    went back to the store ;-)?

  25. rjenkins591 says:

    the intros are great?

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