Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA

Ron Finley plants vegetable gardens in South Central LA — in abandoned lots, traffic medians, along the curbs. Why? For fun, for defiance, for beauty and to…


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  1. allthings509 says:


  2. KendoTheGreenWiza says:

    Real talk tho.?

  3. Nichelle Stephens says:

    Ron Finley, A Guerilla Gardener in South Central.?

  4. Jill E. Herbert says:

    This guy is AWESOME! A video well worth watching. ?

  5. 1spicytomato says:

    doing this in my yard.. to grow food for the homeless feeding shelter
    soon will have video of progress?

  6. ch bar says:

    45 thumbs down? what is wrong with you people…?

  7. Melinda Lee Vinson - Northam says:

    What South Central, Mississippi, and all USA poorest neighborhoods have in
    common? Toxic man made FOOD and LIQUOR STORES killing 1-million adults
    every 365 days. Now our children are dying. I’m expert mom my only son of
    an only son he died from brain implosion then found enlarged heart.?

  8. Renessa Bak says:

    time for the Garden Guerillas to plant the seeds for farmasuitickle . . .
    man, that ended up being a strange word. . started with FARMACY, for fruit
    stand. Like lets bring it on, this spring with Alice Waters from San
    Fransisco , Jamie Oliver on food, and Michelle in the White House skipping
    us through all it takes . . you know you could plant some cute FARMACY
    signs on your xity sidewalk plots, have fun with it?

  9. AccuracySpeaks says:

    Wow, what an inspirational man! Just think how wonderful the world would
    be if more people took the initiative to do something similar! ?

  10. DENSIE GEORGE says:

    I bow to you?

  11. Renata Estes says:

    Are there “Plant Some Sh*t!” T shirts somewhere???

  12. Vincent Gill says:

    More power to the gangster gardeners!
    Best wishes?

  13. Edward P Campbell says:

    Wal*Mart must love this guy.?

  14. R Finley says:

    I’m honored and humbled that so many have been inspired by my talk. We can
    change the game! Now go #plantsomeshit !!?

  15. Sarah LoBisco says:

    Could growing your own food save your health and the health of others?
    Maybe the “Gangster Gardner” revolution will save healthcare?
    Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA?

  16. MIckey F'in Mouse says:


  17. A Tomato Grows In Queens says:

    Wonderful TEDTalk about the urban gardening movement in South Central!

  18. Guru Catman says:

    super awesome!!! we need more people like you in this media, polluted,
    nasty ignorant,greedy,egotistical world..especially the young western
    generation, which are growing up to perceive untalented Kim kardashina and
    them other booty pop,rap bomboclat ,hippidy hop lame little wayne
    desacrating young minds and making millions for their
    blatant,publicity…sad that they are seein and even worshipped as
    mentors and talented people.. people like Ron are the ones i should see on
    tv making millions for doing such selfless ,simple thoughtful acts…god
    bless this mans heart?

  19. Debra Paterson says:

    Very inspiring!?

  20. Patrick Klijnjan says:

    Talk about thinking outside the box. Check out Ron Finley’s gospel.?

  21. theylive23 says:

    The ‘authorities’ are as threatened by this activity as they are by the
    idea of people using their own methods of barter and exchange – they don’t
    get a cut so they crack down on it like the jealous parasites they are,
    hence all the crackdowns on gardens all over the US.?

  22. Eriq Devine says:

    Check this out. The dude so reminds me of you. Not just cause he’s
    black…lol. Let’s grow some food in your back yard and sell it at the
    office. ?

  23. Maureen Devlin says:

    Amazing, inspiring–the way the world should be.

  24. Kenneth Otieno says:

    best talk ever, the guy was himself…. no jargon, no mind boggling
    researches. Just himself. See how it has worked!!

  25. genericity says:

    the reason they don’t want lower classes having access to land where they
    can grow food is to keep you dependent on the resources they “provide”
    you.. growing your own food means they can’t enslave you, why would you
    need to do what someone else tells you for the rest of your life, just to
    get a wage, if you had free access to everything you need? that’s why they
    have police just ITCHING to crack your skull if you even dare go anywhere
    near unused land.. it’s the only way to keep slavery going

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