Rooftops to Rivers: Syracuse, New York

Joanie Mahoney, County Executive in Onondaga County, discusses Syracuse’s efforts to clean up Onondaga Lake and overhaul the city’s sewage and stormwater sys…
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  1. johnatncsu says:

    Great work

  2. im1greatman says:

    Extremely smart planning but remember who’s paying for it and always
    remember Syracuse is already overtaxed.

  3. matthewdisles says:

    You should create a separate channel for Rooftops to Rivers, and for your
    other projects. Otherwise, subscribing to a channel means subscribing to
    videos unrelated to those of interest to a given viewer.

  4. lastormwaterprogram says:

    Nice video! Thanks for educating the public and sharing how using rain
    gardens and rain barrels can not only beautify neighborhoods but green our
    cities and protect against pollution of our waters! Check out our “How to
    Install A Rain Barrel” to help protect against stormwater pollution and
    conserve clean water!

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