Runescape – 2012 BOT NUKE! – Judgement Day in Botany Bay – Runescape Review

The 2012 Bot Nuke is here! Let me know what you think in the comments below! :)
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. joseleandro75 says:

    my quest slot is empty wtf?!!?!?! theres no symbol there, and my goal as a
    member is to get the quest points cape, without this i am member for
    nothing, basically im wasting my membership –” is this a bug?

  2. A Googler says:

    runescape is boring without bots

  3. Magesmith13 says:

    but this makes no sense i know bots do the same movements but there is no
    way taht they will totally eradicate bots, they will learn from the video
    the best knowledge is no knowledge of anything

  4. sosolid360 says:

    makes it sound like you bot

  5. XXAbaXX2 says:

    I swear when ever something good happens during one of these weeks jagex
    would ruin the good moments.

  6. Jake Rickhards says:

    i think the bots should be shot irl =s

  7. Chaotic Bork says:

    Another great video.

  8. fpscbuddy3 says:

    Your intro is fantastic, awesome vid! Thanks for uploading man!

  9. aTrixClan says:

    FUCK YES ! hahahahahah

  10. SHUG0225 says:

    I hope the bots go this time im kinda scerd they will come back…

  11. VoiD x Grim says:

    Don’t worry if you don’t talk while skilling you wont get banned because a
    bot clicks in the same spot and has a clicking pattern, while if playing
    legit you will not have the possibility of clicking in the same spot unless
    your a noob who likes to spam click to crash the server then you deserve it

  12. Lone Wolf says:

    This is a really pointless update. I mean its just banning the bots but,
    adding where people can ban botters as a group. Waste of an update. JUST
    BAN THE FUCKING BOTTERS. And add something useful to this game besides your
    shit armor and weapon remodels. Im all for bots going down but Seriously.
    Why add all of this shit if you could just straight up ban them? Stop
    wasting our time with pointless updates. AND DO SOMETHING USEFUL. HOLY SHIT

  13. Demonboy121 says:

    You know the bots could just change the times, making them random and

  14. J6RFirst says:

    Hey no problem man :) thanks for the support!

  15. DeRsNerd says:

    Hey man, really good video! I just made this channel today and I happened
    to make my first video about Botany Bay also :) Your video is the first one
    I have watched over Botany Bay since I have made mine. I like to go through
    other channels and get ideas from others! Not copy, but just get ideas :)
    Thanks man and good vide. +1 Like

  16. joseleandro75 says:

    yeah, there are multiple gods xD

  17. Casper Voskuil says:

    there goes the runescape community lol most rs players are bots

  18. willavilla21 says:

    Nice vid:)

  19. OfficialSubTronic says:

    I want to be the general so i can just kill these bots myself!

  20. VoiD x Grim says:

    I see your ignorance is strong Magesmith the detection system will not
    detect the wrong player unless he is intentionally spam clicking the same
    spot plus the system is programmed to detect manipulation of in game script
    meaning reflection and injection bots. Their for this system will not ban
    real players. If you actually would read and pay attention and increase
    your iq to understand complex wording then maybe you would know what jagex
    is trying to say.

  21. Archa SubaruBow says:

    2 bots disliked :D

  22. joseleandro75 says:

    already found it on the task slot with the challenges and tasks… they
    change unnecessary stuff, the quest button is there since ever now they do
    that… just h8 those guys xD

  23. J6RFirst says:

    Yes, and Jagex is most likely going to stay up to date on the different
    movements or actions that the bots do. Do I know this for sure that they
    will do this? no, but I’m hoping that they will so that this bot nuke will
    stay efficient.

  24. josh bowers says:

    name of begginning song plz ?

  25. Magesmith13 says:

    your comment is pointless and i only say that cause that means you monitor
    the bot while botting and you wont get abnned it doesnt matter how it
    tracks the movement it will eventually accuse the wrong player and then
    jagex wont give a shit that some kid worked hard for his acc and has to
    restart the whole thing… its bs update tbh

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