Runescape: Botany Bay Update | First Bot Banned in Botany Bay!

Hope you guys learn a little bit from this video about the update, many people are saying that there not actual bots and that they’re npcs that jagex have pu…
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  1. NeisenFx says:

    I like that idea man :)

  2. Mhedaux says:

    thanks sooo much neisen

  3. Chuck Norris says:

    been botting for 1 and a half year not a single warning l0l

  4. NeisenFx says:

    why are you making assumptions, I got all my stats legit…

  5. itachi uchia says:

    all the bots being banned i search up are not none?

  6. wood wink says:

    well today is your day to get ban good luck mate

  7. NeisenFx says:

    If your disliking the video please tell me why :)

  8. Seriousblack72one says:

    I disliked because you’re yet another person to say, ” excuse my voice, but
    I have a cold”

  9. thinknut says:

    Hey, thanks, man!

  10. Vas Grejuc says:

    Your stats appear to be botted :o

  11. xDufffyyy says:


  12. NeisenFx says:

    I really hope that was a joke.

  13. Chuck Norris says:

    better stop and keep my 8.3b lol.

  14. StillSpy says:

    99 woodcutting, fletching, rune-crafting, and magic. The easiest to bot.

  15. Quit4Life69 says:

    Nice :)

  16. thinknut says:

    They should make it so the people at botany bay get the items that they had
    in their bank, inventory, etc. awarded randomly. That would be cool. And so
    people wouldn’t just stand there to stock up on items, then you should have
    to throw at least three-five tomatoes.

  17. NeisenFx says:

    Just because I have those 99’s dosen’t mean that I botted them. They are
    also the four easiest skills…

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