Safe Drinking Water Act — Drinking Water Quality

Click on this link http://www.40pointplan.com and watch the 40 point plan movie for FREE. The 40 point plan is available to everyone to watch for free until …


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  1. Mike Anderson says:

    Let the water flow and everyone drink to their fill.

  2. Franklin Jones says:

    No doubt about it that Greenland is where the water is found in abundance,
    but I’m not sure about melting glaciers and bringing the water to market.
    In theory it’s all good. Do we have the engineering know how to pull it
    off? I hope so. It’s an idea worth exploring.

  3. Eddie Lane says:

    What a mind blower. All that water and no way to get at it to solve the
    ills of the world. Make it happen boys make it happen and we’ll be sippin
    cold chillin water instead of champagne in New Year’s Eve.

  4. Shirley Baker says:

    Can’t get enough good water. It’s still hot in Kansas and we need some good
    water from Greenland – ha ha.

  5. greentheworld15 says:

    Its important to get those plastic bottles picked up and out of the ocean.
    If we can accomplish that we have saved a lot of fish from trouble. I saw
    Happy Feet!

  6. Shirley Baker says:

    Cold cold water. It would be nice to have this today with the heat wave in

  7. Sam Glenfield says:

    The heat across the USA has been unbearable this past week. Let’s get some
    water from the Greenland and moisten our farmland and wet our parched lips.

  8. Phyllis Soeling says:

    The idea of water coming from Greenland is good, but I’m wondering about
    the plastic bottles. I know the writer EW talks about plastic bottles and
    the world is looking for an alternative. It is not a good thing for people
    to be without water, but we have to have something better than throw away
    bottles for the super markets of the world.

  9. Werner Fountain says:

    I don’t think about very much. Our city has water for the lawns, no
    shortage of drinking water, but it’s clear that there are a lot of places
    on the planet that aren’t thriving because they do not have water. The
    human body needs it and its good to know that one day the entire planet
    will have it and if the 40 Point Plan is implemented on time, everyone is
    going to have all the want.

  10. Max Santee says:

    Linda’s right. We like to get behind a good cause and we love the 40 Point
    Plan. It’s why we are here writing our comments. EW wrote a great movie and
    we fully support him.

  11. Tyler Gentilee says:

    It’s such a rush to see the water flowing and flowing, pristine, clean,

  12. Linda Santee says:

    Get started today 40 Point Plan – we need water for everyone!

  13. Patricia Werner says:

    The optimism is overwhelming. I love the good vibes.

  14. greentheworld16 says:

    Drink water for fluids, drink to live, drink with chillers.

  15. Donna Menninger says:

    Ecology is the thing and water is at the core of it. I know we need clean
    air, but without the fresh water we are doomed as well.

  16. Franny Levinson says:

    The water looks so good and the view is incredible. I now where I’m taking
    my next vacation once they create the travel ticket.

  17. George Hopkins says:

    Love the idea of cold blue drinking water from Greenland. Just got to get
    me some.

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