Science for Nature Summaries – Arun Agrawal

Arun Agrawal, Associate Professor of Natural Resources & Environment, University of Michigan, speaks about the win-win vs. tradeoffs in relationships between…
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  1. Jean-Baptiste Pichancourt says:

    #Ecology #SEPLs #REDDplus #EnvironmentalGovernance
    Pr. Arun Agrawal (Michigan Uni) talks about how to manage simultaneously
    biodiversity, carbon storage and community livelihoods in forested
    landscapes. Do we observe win-win, trade-offs or lose-lose relationships?
    How these relationships are related to the forest governance (state vs
    market vs community governance)? You want to know more? Just watch the

  2. PaoskInauke says:

    For those interested in sustainable management of common recources, check
    out his article “Common Property Institutions and Sustainable Governance of
    Resources” it’s good =D !

  3. LordOfTheDrinks01 says:

    Why dont you ask YouTube to feature your videos, i hate when i see your
    videos with 200-1000 views

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