Silentc0re Undercover – Botany Bay RuneScape

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJOt_h0wJUI Click here to watch Silentc0re Undercover – Gambling Silentc0re Undercover – Botany Bay RuneScape In this series S…


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  1. Crunk7fu says:

    “undercover” >chicken suit, max cape

  2. anoldlady8 says:

    A week long restriction to using the Squeal of Fortune?!?!? Oh no!!! -.-

  3. Miles Prower says:

    I don’t always go undercover, But when I do it’s in a chicken suit and max

  4. RsnEric says:

    we got a bad ass over here.

  5. xNutted says:

    I got banned without warning :( I would have stopped if I was warned.

  6. simple382 says:

    I don’t fucking care about what sites you go on, just keep the fuck away
    from 4chan.

  7. Mrjoecreeper says:

    We got a badass over here.

  8. SamOwenI says:

    I bet hardly anyone here feels sorry for you.

  9. mrwizerd23 says:

    bot watch= runescape SkyNet

  10. Anthony Denk says:

    two accounts 15 hours

  11. allRSgudies says:

    i was one of those 40k accounts was on wave fucking 35 of kiln and i got
    teled out and dint get my cape!!!!!!!!! -.-

  12. SoulPhoenixMC says:

    interesting video man :D

  13. Gangaz RS says:

    botany bay is a fucked up place which use to have fucked up people there…
    thats why it is surounded by ocean.

  14. TheiAreRandom says:

    There are 24 hours in a day how do you get the extra 6 hours?

  15. steven chamlee says:

    Welcome to the world of RuinedScape.

  16. ofcrpenutbttr says:

    Your a noob for not playing right, when you bot, you fail at playing the

  17. zkiller142 says:

    It’s not that bad.

  18. Rich2B181 says:

    id like to know…… who buys rs money????

  19. SgtWhitts says:

    Agreed – this is the sort of thing that’s really suggested by the title

  20. Mrdukeofnuke55 says:

    bot watch is bs go to grotworms which is near port sirm and go look a thos
    30 bots on each world. jagex has failed

  21. Trent From RiD says:

    Have fun earning 300k an hour on goldfarming accounts in this economy. 9Bil
    wouldn’t sell for 50 cents a mill in any swift fashion, you’d be looking at
    selling the 9bil for.35-.4/mil.

  22. UnkelNoodle says:

    The faggotiest message I have ever seen.

  23. James Smith says:

    Death by deity – deity is pronounced dee-i-tee (short i sound). A deity is
    a god/godlike person.

  24. Stone_Tigris says:

    he’s a troll. Don’t feed.

  25. Agustin Sarro says:

    I was permanently banned without being given a single warning…

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